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Small Business Remember how easy it was back in the days when you could slap a banner on a free site and make one or two sales; today you can’t approach blogging the same way like 5, 6 or 7 years ago! You need to have a vision and plan a strategy because people are now more reluctant to buy online than ever. Perhaphs you don’t understand the concept of TRUST. Let me explain it to you. It is quite simple – people buy on trust. They buy from other people [and usually not from .panies] that they like, know and trust. And because today’s niches get crowded rapidly, .petition grows fast too; although the demand for your knowledge, skill and information might be high, the .petition is getting fiercer! And the problem is this – you can’t expect to make money fast anymore. Your blog visitors have the option to .pare your blog and your product and whatever you re.mend them to purchase or download, within seconds, with just one mouse click, by Google, Twitter and other related sites. So what is the solution? If you believe that there’s at least one solution to any problem you might encounter, then I’m glad we think alike and can’t imagine how excited I get because we are on the same path here. OK. The solution is simple. Start building trust with your blog visitors. You can do it via RSS, but there’s a major drawback. A big challenge. Trust takes time. You don’t build friendships in a week. You don’t talk with your best friends via email only. You phone call her, you meet face to face, and so on. The situation is very similar to blogging and to the method you should adopt in your venture. RSS is good. But it does NOT help with list building. The key here is you can’t afford to underestimate the concept of "list building" or neglecting it .pletely. List building is not just creating a list of subscribers. The big picture includes sending follow-up emails and stand alone broadcast messages, such as discount promo emails and special offers, etc. Ask all the pro bloggers in your niche. The majority, the ones with the highest respect, authority and experience, are using email list building in .bination with RSS feed subscriptions. They have seen tremendous potential in this strategy and made it an habit in their projects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: