Market competition intensifies in the alternation of old and new cotton! running man20130526

Market competition intensifies in the alternation of old and new cotton! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Between mid September, around the new flowers are opening, some areas have a small amount of picking listed, but the market for new flowers scattered acquisition, shortage, no representation, specific analysis is as follows: according to my understanding, Shandong Linqing local better mature plots of cotton boll opening rate of 10-20%, the annual Seedcotton yield better quality, compared with last year is not good at 600-650 pounds per acre of land, but the cultivated area declined sharply, the overall supply of cotton decreased 30-40% compared with last year. The picking amount in the 200-400 kg range, but because of the limited number of picking listed, the state reserve auction has not yet ended, the domestic spot market of lint is not clear, the local cotton enterprises based on weak market and lack of market positioning, said after the Mid Autumn Festival to choose the market. The current market for a small number of listed small bow housing acquisition, processing cotton quilts do use, due to the acquisition of high quality requirements, the price is high, more than 4.40 yuan jin. The local cotton prices reflect the future, such as the spot price of 14000 yuan tons of lint, cottonseed prices in 1.58 yuan catty, processing fees by 300 yuan ton, which is currently a small bow real purchase price and the expected value of farmers is large, but the price will be increased with the increase of cottonseed supply reduction, it is difficult to ensure that the skin cotton price stable. It is understood that the present Hebei area 40 lint price 3.6 yuan catty about cotton harvest, the local cotton enterprises processing test, offer three yuan weak lint 13500-13600 tons, cotton enterprises based on the high cost and quality advantages of pre acquisition pace is slow, weak, this price is undoubtedly to the annual report have high hopes, with a heavy cotton the market is expected to hit 10 months early will have a reasonable position. The Xinjiang area because of the "double", the Mid Autumn Festival of Eid al AdhA, according to the provisions of the autonomous region in September 11-17 day rest, thus Akesu, Korla, the Agricultural Bank, credit cooperatives and other commercial bank loans to support the acquisition of cotton is expected to soon after September 20th issued (the first batch), time is basically the same as in 2015, some enterprises in the purchase and inspection of cotton handling and processing staff have been into the factory under the condition of capital only owe dongfeng". In recent days, Kashi, Akesu and other places within the region 40%, 15% cotton lint water prices stable at 6.5-6.7 yuan per kilogram, the occasional cotton companies out of 6.8 yuan price to attract Seedcotton kg resources, 43-44% cotton lint purchase price 7.0-7.2 yuan per kilogram, most cotton prices still by raising one percentage increase 0.1 yuan kg acquisition. Although some cotton processing enterprises do not have the cash, but considering the year before the volt spend water is relatively large, cotton farmers and cotton broker does not have enough space and energy to dry, plus more than 2015 seed enjoys a price this year year 1.0-1.20 million kilograms, so farmers have to "pre-sale" for cotton ginning factory, only test, trial rolling lint no, weighing, pricing, settlement of cotton相关的主题文章: