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Happiness Entrepreneurs may feel that they are manifesting happiness by spending time on earning a good in.e and keeping up with their needs and wants; however, they may actually be dwelling in a state of unhappiness. We know this by the way we see them struggle. There is no flow and they are overworked and exhausted. What is needed is a change in the focus of their intentions. Spending time with people who are truly manifesting their happiness will help ac.plish this. Modeling someone who is energetic, fulfilled, open and .mitted is a good first step. Someone who lives in their passion and purpose while pursuing material needs usually aspires to fulfill inner or spiritual needs as well. For those who wish to manifest happiness in a new and heartfelt way, action steps are discussed below. 1. When should you pursue happiness? Should you look for happiness when you reach the next level of success in your business? After retirement? Or should you do it now, today, in the moment? Many entrepreneurs work diligently to get to the next level, while leaving all else to the dust of indifference. They wait for the next level of achievement or for the magic day of retirement. They sacrifice everything: friends, family and personal fulfillment, to ac.plish their goals. Is this manifesting true and lasting happiness? 2. Be in control of your time. For happy people, time is filled and planned; for unhappy people, time is unfilled, open and un.mitted. Happy people feel that they have some control over their lives. Unhappy people feel that they have lost control over their lives. 3. Own the traits of happy people. A happy person sees magic by looking at the stars at night, by picking a few flowers in their garden or by watching a puppy at play. No sacrifice here, no cost, no energy expended. All is energizing rather than enervating. Happy people are optimistic, outgoing and have a feeling of high self-esteem. They are interested in life around them and have a caring attitude. They engage in activities and skills that focus on their passion, often times losing themselves in the flow of absorbing activity. 4. Be in motion during the day. Those who are consciously manifesting happiness enjoy physical activity on a daily basis. When feeling tired or low, studies have shown that exercise is energizing. A person manifesting happiness is active throughout the day and enjoys movement as an expression of creativity and of life. Happiness cannot hide itself. We can see happiness in a person even as they walk down the street. 5. Get physical and mental rest. Most people remain happy only when they are in top energetic form. Proper rest may mean 6 hours for one person and 8 hours for another. It could be a 20 minute catnap or 10 minutes of deep relaxation; perhaps 5 minutes of meditation before and after work and at lunchtime will do it. Each person is different. 6. Take care of the soul. A happy person regularly reads inspiring books. They stay spiritually active by keeping .pany with other like-minded people. Most people manifesting happiness are aligned in some way with a greater cause: saving the rainforest, sending goods and services to countries in need, belonging to a prayer group or other creative and expansive endeavors that takes them beyond the usual scope of their lives. Jeffersons pursuit of happiness is found in his Declaration of Independence as one of his inalienable rights. We are perhaps never in a state of total happiness but are forever pursuing happiness. Joy can be found in the pursuit. Often when we reach what we feel is happiness, we see that there is an even greater or deeper state of happiness. We can pursue great outer successes and make good inner progress, but let us be attentive to the little things that matter. We are fulfilling our soul as we continue to seek and to be.e happy. When we continue, continue, continue, ultimately, we will be in a state of constantly manifesting happiness – an exemplary goal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: