Man posing as the official two generation gay scourge dozens of 5 million swindlers

Man posing as the official two generation gay scourge dozens of 5 million swindlers recently, Nanjing Qinhuai police arrested 2 Crazy crime suspected of fraud, they often "comrade" users to start, and posing as the leading son to promotion, project back door cover fraud of dozens of people, the amount involved reached more than 5 million yuan, but he deceived the victim to obtain secret trust was a field is leading his own likeness. The new boyfriend is the son of senior officials at the beginning of August, Chu people came to the Qinhuai Public Security Bureau Huaihailu Road police station said he was her boyfriend cheated 140 thousand, police thought mishear, carefully asked her boyfriend is really. It turned out that Mr. Zhu said he had homosexual orientation, because this thing is more difficult to say, and will not talk to others, usually in the online chat platform to find friends. At the beginning of June this year, a man with his friends, the other showed a strong interest to Mr. Zhu, and told Mr. Zhu back about Nanjing tourism in Confucius temple to meet mr.. Zhu began to hesitate, but the next few days after the chat, Mr. Zhu had a good impression on this strange man, the two finally met in the coffee shop near Confucius temple. "I saw him on the outside to wear long sleeved suit thin jacket, wearing a black" KENZO "brand T-shirt, carrying a black backpack, a suit is a famous brand." Mr. Zhu told the police themselves very well on this first impression, is a look at the rich out of the conversation, and knowledge is not in general. Because they are over 30 peers, the rapid development of the relationship between the two, and soon Mr. Zhu and Zhang foreign man confirmed the lovers’ relationship. Later Zhang returned home, the two have been kept in touch through WeChat, Zhang did not disclose a big secret to Mr. Zhu for two months. He told Mr. Zhu two people have been dating for a long time, it is time to tell the identity of his own, Zhang was actually a field leader’s son. Mr. Zhu also began to have some doubts, but he access to the official website of the search for the leadership of the photos, and found Zhang looks like, Lenovo to Zhang clothing conversation, Mr. Zhu immediately reassured. Want to go "relationship" cheap and Mr. Zhu cheated 140 thousand chat, the other that Mr Zhu had recently at a price of about 2000000 bought a suite, Zhang said he can help him "relationship", director of the boss and he knew, he can go back a part of the internal price limit, but must get some money to let Zhang to find activities. Mr. Zhu’s house is over 1 square to buy, according to Zhang’s statement of internal price is 6000 more flat, it can save more than 500 thousand, and Mr. Zhu only need to provide 40 thousand yuan activities, even if this thing is fix. Zhu did not suspect that he immediately remitted 40 thousand yuan to zhang. Zhang immediately told Mr. Zhu Strike while the iron is hot. two, taking into account their relationship, he also gave Mr. Zhu pointed out a way of getting money, he will Nanjing a few years and two rich generation open a wine factory, ready to fund 190 thousand enough, sent 100 thousand yuan of registered capital. If Mr. Zhu provides 100 thousand of the funds, you can get a total of $6相关的主题文章: