Man forged cottage state-owned enterprise project cheated bank loans twenty million bleep

Man forged copycat state-owned project department swindled twenty million bank loans for bank loan formalities through the trust, that is, a liar not only near the bend over backwards, false formal company rented house, hang fake company plaque, but also the purchase of office facilities, hire staff to work on time, just like a legitimate company work scene…… In November 2nd, the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment Bulletin: with carefully to create illusion and deception, fraud suspects Lumou fraudulent use of a legal name of the company to apply for loan fraud, bank loan of 20 million yuan, at present, Lumou alleged fraudulent loans crime prosecution has been arrested. In May 2016, Wuhan a joint-stock bank official Zhang face anxious, find Wuhan City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment report, some of the bank loan of 20 million yuan false fraudulent. Zhang told the police, September 2014, Lumou men find the bank credit department, claiming he runs the Iron Trade Company, Department of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge Construction Project of steel suppliers, 40 million yuan accounts receivable to a state-owned engineering company Zhuhai construction project, hope to the creditor’s right as mortgage loans to the bank. In order to ensure the safety of bank loans, according to company regulations, sent to Zhuhai Lu with the state-owned company "project department" review, see the company busy, the company’s license procedures are very complete. Soon, the bank issued a 20 million Lu Lu loans, the two sides agreed repayment period of one year. Until 2016 April, the loan is not included in the bank account, and Shen Lu also sent to the bank again disappear without a trace, Zhuhai, found that before the inspection "project" has gone. The Wuhan police rapid investigation, preliminary investigation shows, Lumou provided to the bank collateral materials, including the official seal, financial seal, authorization, confirmation, payment of accounts receivable payment notice and payment of accounts receivable payment notice (receipt), forged. Zhuhai, a state-owned company engineering project department "is a temporary rental house, and the formal company was false, the false company near, only 10 minutes. The police side fixed evidence collection, while the suspect Lumou launched online pursuit. August 8, 2016 at 7 am, Lu was arrested in Changsha Railway Station, Hunan police. 9 pm, Wuhan police will he escorted back to the han. Lu explained that he was a Iron Trade Company, steel wholesale market and many other industries, big boss". In recent years, due to the general downturn in the national steel industry, coupled with the loose management of the company, a number of major mistakes in decision-making, resulting in a serious loss of the company, carrying a heavy external debt. In order to get rid of the dilemma, Lumou stage a comeback, actually moving from the crooked brains, with years of experience in business loans, he crafted hoax, also specially flew to Zhuhai to rent hire, create almost lifelike illusion, to cheat the bank investigation Commissioner, cheat huge loan. At present, the case is still under further digging. For more information, please refer to [big Chu Huanggang] WeChat subscription number相关的主题文章: