Look at the first day of primary and secondary schools in foreign countries, this is someone else’s mycoolboy

Look at the first day of primary and secondary schools in foreign countries, this is someone else’s school! Sohu education in September 1st, the domestic primary and secondary school ushered in an exciting school season, the beginning of kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, should have a different understanding. Because people make more students excited, some people can not adapt to the school life because of fear and nervous, because people first experience of boarding and discomfort, some people cry because too far away from home will miss the family…… A lively scene on the campus. Want to know what is the situation of foreign primary and secondary school? Let’s go and have a look. American Primary School: let the children learn to believe that the United States since the spring and autumn session of the two school system, mostly in the fall semester, generally concentrated in 8-9 months. On the first day of school, the local primary school teachers in the United States will stand at the door of the classroom, and the children warmly greet the new school greeting, and lead their children to sit in a good seat. This series of new actions, it will take the teacher more than half an hour, these details reflect the schools and teachers for children to respect. The first day of school, the teacher usually let the children to do self introduction, let the children know how to introduce myself: loud, simple, visual and introduce, his hands placed in a fixed position…… In fact, the Americans began to develop a child’s ability to express themselves in public speech, so Americans are very confident since childhood, especially in the public speaking session. British primary school: focusing on the development of students’ personality, emphasizing the elite education. A year is divided into three semesters, usually 10-12 months, 1-3 months, 4-6 months. On the first day of school, the main activities of the children is to meet new students and teachers, and teachers tend to ask the parents to accompany the child to make a request, that is, stay away from the child. In the eyes of children, the first day of school experience is full of novelty, they will be excited and positive attitude. At this time parents may worry about their children in school is not suited to meet various problems and anxiety. The teacher asked the parents to make this request, is to let the children on the first day of school to recognize the difference between the school and the home, to cultivate their own full sense of autonomy, pay attention to their personalized development. Finland primary school: individualized education idea very quickly into the Finland open, advocating individuality, individualized teaching mode is not limited, the society is a big classroom. Finland will be held on the first day of the general meeting of parents, the president welcomed the speech. Teachers are very enthusiastic, before school, they will study the characteristics of each child, so that the school day can quickly identify the child, so that the child immediately find a sense of belonging. The school classroom is simply a small paradise, all kinds of equipment readily available. After the simple contact with the classroom, the teacher began to organize the game, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the child, so that children quickly into the collective life, and gradually adapt to campus life. Singapore Primary School: foster children’s sense of community.相关的主题文章: