Liaoning armored car hijacking suspects carjacking wrote back exposure (Figure) details demonophobia

Liaoning armored car hijacking suspects carjacking wrote back exposure (Figure) details of the arrest of Li Xuyi house. "Money" list?. Original title: Liaoning gunmen hijack armored car case tracking: Li Xuyi carjacking wrote "money" details of the exposure of a large head, 59000, Tel: 1394178XXXX; Gang, 20000, Tel: 1346475XXXX; an army, 30000, Tel: 1584171XXXX…… In Li Xuyi’s house in the living room, there is a ball, on both sides of the paper, write the names of 29 people, and were accompanied by a string of numbers and contact. In September 10th, the uncle Li Xuyi Li Jimin confirmed that the paper is Li Xuyi handwriting handwriting. "This is a list of debts. Above, all of his creditors, he took down all!" Li Jimin said. Where is Li Xuyi rush into danger motivation? The same day at noon, Li Xuyi’s mother, wife, Sun Ping (a pseudonym) appeared in the presence of. Wang Yan said that the son is completely at home because of rush into danger, after many years of business, falling caused by huge amounts of "triangle debt". Li Xuyi, this man is good, filial piety, filial piety, how could he go to hijack the truck? Liaoning Dashiqiao truck driver armed armored car robbery case was the police released, with Li Xuyi after the crime money video, the sole suspect Li Xuyi, became one of Dashiqiao city streets and lanes talk again. Call your son and whisper a few words. The 12 year old son fell on his knees, head towards the living room all. Sun Ping looked, tears…… Li Xuyi gunmen hijack armored car, in touching the legal bottom line at the same time, also to the original debt, and cast a shadow. "Money" money bill details the arrest of Li Xuyi place, is a busy street residential and commercial residential buildings. He lives in the house, on the 5 floor. This set of two rooms, is his wife, aunt lent them a family of three living in. After his family was in debt, Li Xuyi sold his house and paid his debts." Li Jimin said. On the door, the police post seal is not completely torn off. "The case is basically clear, sister-in-law also needs some daily necessities, the police agreed, we came back." Li Xuyi’s brother said. Into the house, which is very messy. The living room on the right side of the room, the bed has been opened, the ground is full of messy footprints. According to Sun Ping had revealed that Li Xuyi is in the room under the bed, was arrested by the police. "It’s been a couple of days, and where he was arrested, I can’t tell……" Sun Ping mood is very unstable, can not say one or two words, is crying. In the living room floor, cover the news (thecover) reporter found a writing paper. Open a look, not only to write the names of the above, but also the amount of some of the names are also written contact. This is a list of debts, because these people are his creditors." Li Jimin confirms that. This list of debts, recorded a total of 29 money object. In addition to the three pen need to ask the mother object did not write the amount of money, the other 26 objects were recorded in detail, of which the maximum amount of $450 thousand, at least 600 yuan, the total amount of $2050600. This Wang Yan said her family debt about two million yuan base"相关的主题文章: