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"Legend of Sword and Fairy" will be expected to 2 billion at the box office movie "Legend of Sword and Fairy 4" days ago, the market has been with investors concerned about the Kunlun World Wide Web (300418) recent business transformation and new work contents and the Securities Times reporter for the exchange. A Kunlun World Wide Web executives said that since the IPO company conducted a comprehensive upgrade of the original main business, formed by the IP business as the core, around the Kunlun game and Kunlun pictures (Kunlun pictures for the listed companies in the company, the company is not currently in the consolidated financial statements of listed companies within the scope of the two wheel drive business system). These attempts and layout reflected in the company’s third quarter results announcement. Announcements, the first three quarters of this year, Kunlun World Wide Web profit of -5.5 billion in, a substantial increase of 82.98%-109.66%. Reporters also learned that the public concern of the "Legend of Sword and Fairy" movie and TV drama "sword" super IP masterpiece in the company’s preparatory planning. "Legend of Sword and Fairy" will launch a variety of super IP video games and in the game business, the fourth quarter of this year and next year, Kunlun will launch the "death", "BLEACH", stealing star September day "Terminator 2" and "Xuanyuanjian cloud of Han Dynasty" and other film and animation game IP. In the film and television business, the world wide web of Kunlun action more compelling. Known as the "Legend of Sword and Fairy", "sword", "Chinatown" and other famous Sherlock IP produced film and television works in the company’s plan, these works include film, television, film and television drama and other networks of different types. Among them, the company has reached a preliminary intention with Wanda industry cooperation, Wanda "dragon tactic" team has to make early preparations for the "Legend of Sword and Fairy" movie. The film is expected to invest 3 hundred million to reach 15-20 billion box office. "Legend of Sword and Fairy" project has also signed a memorandum of cooperation with Daewoo, the target for 19 years was released, including the existing Wanda films including a number of film and television companies expressed the intention to cooperate and participate in the preparatory work. The Kunlun film will also start shooting the "sword" from the series. In the summer of 2018 officially launched the first part of the "sword" series, 2.5 billion investment. Game research and development into the overall trend of the world wide web in Kunlun benefit from the game industry analysis, the game’s research and development of integrated production line is the inevitable trend of the future development of the game. 2013-2014, the Chinese Mobile Games have a common feature that developers and publishers are not consistent, and overseas in 2014-2015 years have seen research operation one trend, by 2016, the domestic top ten games, is one of the basic research. With the game sluggish growth of population in our country is becoming more prominent, the current game market has entered the era of full competition after the dividend, single IP and single talent is not enough, the most valuable is the transport research one of the production line. Kunlun World Wide Web executives said that the company will develop the team and the overall coordination of the distribution team, with the break in and experience accumulation, the company has been able to enter in 2016)相关的主题文章: