Last night, the world’s largest corporate dynamics SONY officially released virtual reality device P wharfedale

Last night, this morning, the world’s largest corporate dynamics: SONY officially released virtual reality device PSVR SONY officially released virtual reality device PSVR. The EU approval of Midea Group acquisition of KUKA germany. Jinjiang hotel investment sharing office startups WeWork. UK supermarket Tesco and Unilever dispute pricing. TSMC, Delta Airlines reported. SONY interactive entertainment (SIE) on October 13th officially launched a virtual reality (VR) device that can be used with the PS4 game console connection PSVR. SVR is a desktop PS4 can be used to connect with the use of the head of the terminal, players can wear the device can be seen around 360 degrees of three-dimensional game scene, through joystick and nod action games. PSVR excluding tax price of 44 thousand and 980 yen (about RMB 2898 yuan). Sheng Tianhou, President of SIE Japan and Asia, said, VR is a technology with unlimited possibilities, but also in the field of entertainment, such as games should actively develop VR. Samsung Electronics decided to release in February next year, Galaxy S8 smartphone, compared to the original planning time a month earlier, the company recently stopped producing Note 7 phone. Samsung Electronics has begun to notify the cooperative suppliers will be released early S8; the company was originally scheduled to be released in March next year. Google Technology Group (micro-blog) (Google) scientists in London artificial intelligence department DeepMind, to create a "differential neural computer" (DNC), for the first time to solve all kinds of problems in small scale without prior knowledge such as planning the best route between two distance distant London subway station or, to clarify the relationship between family genealogy. Facebook and Google parent company Alphabet will communicate with the Pacific Ocean Data (Pacific Light Data Communication Hong Kong company Co.) cooperation, to build a super high speed fiber optic cable between Losangeles and Hongkong. The cable across Losangeles and Hongkong will cover 12 thousand and 800 km, will use the latest fiber optic technology to support the region’s largest network of cable, is expected to be launched in 2018 the system. Japan’s Softbank group (SOFTBANK) 13 announced, will launch Chinese Pepper humanoid robot". Plan through the establishment of a joint venture with Alibaba group "Alibaba Robot Corporation" for sale. Pepper sold in China will be equipped with the operating system developed by Alibaba YUN OS". A subsidiary engaged in the business of the robot Softbank’s acceptance of Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry and Alibaba Group invested in 2015, plans to sell the Pepper worldwide. Panasonic Corp (Panasonic) announced that it will cooperate with the French electric giant Schneider electric (Schneider Electric) to carry out commercial air conditioning business. Panasonic will use Schneider’s building management system to achieve energy saving, its commercial air conditioning market officially to Europe and other places. Prior to the.相关的主题文章: