Lancome Lancome Lancome’s first national concept of flash shop airborne Shanghai popkart

The first Lancome Lancome Lancome concept   Lancome flash store airborne Shanghai; the first concept store in September 24, 2016 to October 7th flash panorama, Lancome Lancome concept China first flash store airborne Shanghai Zhengda Plaza, the new Lancome Lancome detonated retail concept. The new store image, open experience space, colorful exquisite Lancome Lancome merchandise display, full of fun and diverse interaction, the atmosphere of joy. Many customers, Master pedestrian network first to feel the new experience of Lancome come in a throng, Lancome shopping this extraordinary fun. The first Lancome store Lancome Lancome concept flash display inside the first concept store Lancome flash mysterious black box of the first concept store site the first Lancome Lancome flash flash store concept with "mysterious black box" prior to September 23rd appearance in Shanghai Zhengda Plaza, attracted many passers-by, then in September 24th officially opened the "box" appearance, detonated the enthusiasm of customers into the store. Lancome Lancome concept of the concept of the external wall of the flash shop set in a brand, not just the wall, but also the language, the transfer of Lancome Lancome to offer the world’s unparalleled happiness and beauty of women’s good wishes. The first Lancome concept store professional makeup makeup flash site to create 1 Lancome Lancome the first concept flash store opened on the same day, warm atmosphere, all kinds of fancy performance turns to bring customers a surprise, many pedestrians have stopped to watch. The dancers dance graceful, colorful, the scene was filled with warm and modern fashion charm of france. Lancome Lancome’s first concept of the opening of the new store opened the performance of Lancome Lancome concept flash shop shape modern smart, but also full of French romantic elegant atmosphere. Flash shop is divided into four main areas of skin care, make-up area, interactive area and show the exhibition area. Display wall area skin placed Lancome star "Lancome black bottle" family series products, glass bottle filling low-key luxury, exquisite taste; makeup area display of the Lancome Lancome air CC cream, lipstick and lip shake cushion cyanine pure oil star product, bright colors like a colorful fashion painting; store share table cleverly integrated products of skin care and makeup experience with simple lines, on the left bank of the French artist creative studio comfortable space for inspiration, the French snack plate before art, DEDECATES Zhen Xian Lancome Lancome all star products, for customers to try, enjoy the wonderful experience; the whole series of cosmetic products colorful and moving, is a superb collection of beautiful things. The charm of customers add luster. The first Lancome Lancome concept store display inside the internal flash Lancome Lancome the first concept store display Lancome Lancome internal flash flash stores display in addition to the first concept full of French style layout, the first Lancome Lancome concept flash store also carefully ad hoc interactive area, multiple choice gift packaging, toy star products draw part to the scene!相关的主题文章: