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Arts-and-Entertainment Recently rumors have been flying in the Hollywood sectors that the nicest pair in city Teen Pop sensation Justin Bieber and Disney celebrity Selena Gomez currently have called it quits. A lot of rumours on the internet have been saying that Selena did not like Bieber friends, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and also Sean Kingston. It is said that Justin and Selena concluded their relationship when Justin Bieber attended one of the live shows of Selena Gomez along with Sean Kingston who’s a record of being inside prison at the age of 11. It is said that the star of Monte carlo has made it clear towards the Baby singer to his rapper buddy Lil Wayne who was charged on gun and drug ownership as well as Chris Brown who was charged on assaulting his ex girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009. A friend of Selena said, Selena informed him to prevent hanging with these bad people. She did not want him to crash her show. They had an enormous row and said it was great they were having time apart while she was on tour. However, Justin is stated to have taken the split badly and was discovered in tears after one of their arguments. The friend included that it is hard seeing a little 17 year old crying and stating he loves her. Well this is certainly one version which is found its place in the web circles, another version of the separation, but this time it is due to our teen himself. It is stated that Selena has caught Bieber sending text messages to his ex-girlfriend and the enraged Selena has called it quits. These facts are corroborated by many people videos that have been posted on Youtube confirming the breakup. Well officially either the sources didn’t validate whether the pair are still together or fell aside however our teen was spotted on Saturday night and Bieber was back to his lovesick puppy ways, following Gomez around on tour, and was spotted backstage at her show in Boca Raton, Fla. Wearing her tour T-shirt, no less. This turns into a evidence that they are still couples. Earlier, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez revealed that they have split up their own relationship over Justin Bieber close friends Chris Brown, Lil Wyane and Sean Kingston. Justin and Selena which is known as Jelena apparently concluded their relationship after a concert of Selena Gomez in Florida together with Sean Kingston. It also seems Selena doesn’t like Justin Bieber to hang with his friend Lil Wayne, who has bad background of drugs possession as well as Chris Brown. Selena also claimed that by next .ing days She will try to keep her relationship with Justin Bieber as normal as possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: