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Jinling Petrochemical reformer leak fire non PX Jiujiang PX project: around the various types of private small factory Lin Liwen Feng Jun on October 9th in the afternoon, Nanjing City Fire Bureau official said: "micro-blog released # policeblotters # explosion occurred at 13:51, a production plant of Jinling Petrochemical refinery in Nanjing District of Qixia, the fire command center, Maigaoqiao Xianlin, mobilization of the secret two Shimenkan, Jinling Petrochemical and professional team rushed to the scene for disposal." In addition, Jinling Petrochemical official micro-blog news release: October 9, 2016 13:50, Jinling Petrochemical reformer in the starting process, the feed filter flange leakage on fire, causing no casualties, the company immediately launched an emergency plan. There are on-site disposal, the fire has been controlled, without the occurrence of secondary accidents of safety and environmental protection, the normal operation of other devices." Some Internet users worry about the deflagration accident is the PX project (paraxylene chemical project). In this regard, Sinopec spokesman Lv Dapeng stressed to Tencent finance, the accident is not on the PX project, is the production of other restructuring device, is not an explosion, is on fire". Jinling Petrochemical production unit during the start-up process, the feed filter flange leak fire, ignition medium for gasoline blending components of oil, the company immediately launched an emergency plan. The import material has been cut off, the fire has been controlled, causing no casualties, no secondary environmental safety accidents, the normal operation of other devices. After on-site monitoring, no toxic and harmful substances to the atmosphere, all the accident water collected properly." Lv Dapeng sent to Tencent financial response. Data shows, is a subsidiary of Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical, established in 1982, mainly engaged in oil refining and petrochemical products production and sales, the main business of oil refining dating back to the last century in 50s, is a key project of the national "15". The official website, the company’s existing comprehensive processing capacity of 18 million tons of crude oil, with oil refining, aromatics, thermoelectric, benzene and other advanced production equipment more than 70 sets of the main unit are using technology and control technology of the world’s most advanced and mature technology, economic indicators have reached the first level and international advanced level of domestic lead, occupies an important position in the layout the petrochemical industry and the area along the Yangtze River in East china. 2015, Jinling Petrochemical processing 17 million 504 thousand and 900 tons of crude oil, sales revenue of $73 billion 518 million, a profit of $2 billion 462 million, turned over taxes of $24 billion 292 million. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: