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Jin Shangyi do a show with more — Painting — people.com.cn terminology — horse training classes: in February 29, 1955, the Soviet Union Surikov Academy of Fine Arts professor Constantine? Faqi wheat leaf’s? Maximov (K.M.Maksimov, 1913 – 1993) as the first Soviet government appointed to China of expert of painting teaching came to Beijing, the important influence of Maximov in the Chinese is he in the China Central Academy of Fine Arts’s oil painting training class". In the Chinese oil painting circles, Jin Shangyi is a name that can not be opened. As China painting the new classical school founder, Jin Shangyi has been committed to the introduction of the real Chinese also was the creation of Western oil painting, too many popular works, such as "Tajik bride", "young female singer", "old Huang Binhong" etc.. December 3, 2015 "free routing — Study of Jin Shangyi oil painting exhibition" opened at the Chinese Academy of oil painting art museum, the exhibition Jin Shangyi from 1950s to 77 works this year, the first comprehensive review of Jin Shangyi in the history of oil painting language. Before the opening of the exhibition, the 81 year old Jin Shangyi debut in good out of a bandbox accepted the reporter’s interview. He regarded the exhibition as his "study of the process of oil painting", "from the beginning to the present, the rationale is how slowly developed." It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the exhibition have never been exhibited early sketching and copying works, and the works of Jin Shangyi since 2006 13 new paintings. Although still insist on painting, but Jin Shangyi has said that his "draw more and worse", "the more than and 80 year old also do a show, I am also a little more." Three ply open road the oil painting exhibition of 77 pieces of paintings, divided into five chapters, presents the basic problems of Jin Shangyi painting in different periods in a flashback. In the fifth chapter of "reality and image: knock on the door of art painting room", the audience can see a picture of a very meaningful work "high school female students". In the summer of 1954, Jin Shangyi completed the first oil painting "his high school female students" in China Central Academy of Fine Arts dormitory, this is a sketch, the model is the first middle school of China Central Academy of Fine Arts students. When Jin Shangyi was a graduate student at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, before him in the painting department of the Central Academy of fine arts undergraduate, never painted oil painting. Watercolor and sketch are main courses, in addition to the drawing, literature and art history. The training goal of art popularization workers, China Central Academy of Fine Arts canceled establishment of Beijing National Art College during the period of oil, therefore, Jin Shangyi study period creation form is New Year paintings and comics. However, like many young people who study painting, Jin Shangyi likes painting very much. I prepared a simple painting box, there is no canvas, bought some paint paint." In Jin Shangyi’s own words, this piece of work is "painted on a piece of three plywood". At the time of the student dormitory, have not received any painting training Jin Shangyi, complete with their own sense of color and completed the first oil paintings of their "red scarf girl". Jin Shangyi said, look again today相关的主题文章: