It felt like a coffee shop, and the boys’ dormitory in Central South University was designed to be l-diying

It felt like a coffee shop. The boys’ dormitory in Central South University was designed to be like this. I couldn’t believe the orange light. Central South University four boys remodeling dormitory, dressed exquisite, no taste. Red net Changsha September 22nd (news reporter Shen Mengyan) boys dormitory dirty, messy, poor? Song Ziyang, a sophomore in business administration at the Business School of Central South University, and his roommates’ reformed dormitories, also attracted female students to study and capture the hearts of their fans. Simple brick wall wallpaper, comfortable cloth chair, colorful LED ball, plush doll…… Walk into the dormitory of less than 20 flat, full of American literature and art breath. Notice, everyone’s little space is full of cute little dolls, Hu Ba, big eyes, little yellow people…… See it girl heart bursting! Most of these dolls are the result of Song Ziyang’s fight with dolls. As designers, he always brings these little ones back, "enjoy" with his roommates, on his desk, and a hanging LED lamp, orange light warms the heart. Last October, after the end of military training, they bought 7 volumes of wallpaper and other trinkets online, totaling less than 600 yuan. In addition to Song Ziyang is Changsha people, Wang Zhaoshun, Yang Xin, Liu Tianxu are from Fujian, Hebei, Liaoning three provinces. From the beginning of different styles, different habits, this will be everyone has the habit of accommodation, bedroom relationship is more and more harmonious. "Back to the dormitory, there is a sense of home, Changsha winter is very cold, the dormitory is as warm as home." Lovely Hu Gang "show up" dormitory. Song Ziyang, a room designer, habitually sits on a hanging chair to play computer games, and occasionally falls asleep and goes straight to sleep. Girls send flowers also become decorations.

感觉像进了咖啡馆 中南大学男生宿舍设计成这样不敢相信 橘黄色灯光下,小熊仔娃娃安静地呆着书边,呈现一片暖意。 中南大学四男生改造宿舍,打扮精致不失品味。   红网长沙9月22日讯(时刻新闻记者 沈梦艳 )男生宿舍“脏、乱、差”?中南大学商学院工商管理专业的大二学生宋子阳和他的室友们改造后的宿舍,还吸引了女同学参观学习,俘获一票迷妹心。   简约的砖墙壁纸、舒适的布艺吊椅、多彩LED球、毛绒娃娃……走进这间不到20平的四人宿舍,满满都是美式文艺气息。 注意看,每个人的小空间都放着可爱的小娃娃,胡巴、大眼仔、小黄人……看罢简直少女心爆棚!   这些娃娃大都是宋子阳玩娃娃机奋战出的战果,作为设计师,他每次都会把这些小可爱拿回来,“赏”与他的室友们,在他的桌上,还有一盏挂壁LED灯,橘黄色灯光温暖人心。   去年10月份,结束军训后,他们在网上购置了7卷墙纸和其他小饰品,总共花费不到600元。除了宋子阳是长沙人,王朝顺、杨鑫、刘天旭分别来自福建、河北、辽宁三个不同省。   从起初的风格各异、习惯不同,这会大家都有了收纳规整的习惯,寝室关系也越来越和谐。“回到寝室就有家的感觉,长沙的冬天很冷,宿舍像家一样超温馨。” 可爱的胡巴“现身”宿舍。 屋子设计师宋子阳习惯性地坐在吊椅上玩电脑,偶尔困了便可直接斜躺睡下。 女生送的花也成了装饰品。相关的主题文章: