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Expert interpretation: legal property, the courier collection lost whocompensates — real estate — original title: legal expert interpretation: property, the courier collection lost whocompensates clinic problems after collecting courier lost, who will pay? Xicheng District Beijing City Court of Renmin University of China School of law professor Liu Junhai outpatient expert judge Zhao Xuqing Beijing Yifeng director of law firm You Zhixiong expert opinion — will express parcel on the meter room, well between etc. resulting in the package lost, the courier company to bear responsibility. When the Recipient agrees the courier will put the parcel on the residential property management office or units of the guard room, such as property management personnel and units to guard not to sign for the parcel, between the property and the owners, units and employees without the formation of safekeeping contract relationship. According to the Contract Law — "custody is free, custodians prove the absence of gross negligence, does not bear the liability for damages shall, if the package is lost, as is often the case, and the residential property units are free, as long as it can prove the absence of gross negligence, even if there is negligence, all not liable for damages. This package is missing for compensation in accordance with the postal law now commonly used in the practice of "three times the loss rates, but according to the actual loss of the goods for compensation. Recently, Ms. Wang received a call from the courier said the parcel has been sent to the district property management office. But when she came back from work, she found the package missing. Property management office staff that the property is only responsible for receiving the parcel for help, is not responsible for lost, shall not bear responsibility. Many office workers have received such a message: express on the meter room." "Please take delivery between wells."…… The courier is very busy, the recipient is not at home can only put the package in the area where the property management office, security room, corridor between wells. So, if the courier package lost, who is responsible? Who should be asked to compensate for the loss? This reporter interviewed Liu Junhai, Professor of Renmin University of China law school, Beijing City Court judge Zhao Xuqing and director of Beijing Yi Feng, director of the law firm,. The courier lost, who is responsible "will express parcel on the meter room, well between etc. resulting in the package lost, the courier company should bear responsibility." Zhao Xuqing said, according to the provisions of the contract law, the courier company received the courier, they will bear the security courier items delivered to the recipient’s obligations, if due to the courier company staff arrange courier items lost by courier companies bear the responsibility. Zhao Xuqing said, according to the Ministry of transport, March 1, 2013 implementation of the "express market management approach" the provisions of article seventeenth, business express delivery express business enterprises (mail), it shall inform the recipient personally acceptance. Express mail (mail) packaging intact, signed by the recipient to confirm. Delivery of express mail (mail) as a fragile goods and the obvious damage to the packaging, the enterprise shall inform the recipient of the first acceptance of re sign. Unless otherwise agreed with the exception of the sender and the enterprise. For online shopping, collection and payment of goods and the user has a special agreement with other express相关的主题文章: