Inner Mongolia caused 12 dead car accident continued the driver died on the spot to avoid accidents

Inner Mongolia caused 12 dead accident continued: the driver died on the spot to hide the horses to trigger a new accident in Hohhot in September 26th – Xinhua news agency Reuters new media (reporter Zou Jianpu Jia Lijun) reporter 26, learned multiple interviews, 24, resulting in 12 deaths of traffic accidents in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Province, the vehicles collided 2 pilots were killed and 25 people were injured. 1 of them seriously. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Safety Supervision Bureau report shows that in September 24th 20 07 PM, Hulun Buir City, Inner Mongolia Yakeshi city (county-level city) in G10 (Suiman highway) 1049 km, a car with a hanging truck because suddenly appeared on the road to avoid horses through the isolation belt into the side of the lane, collided with a bus, killing 12 deaths (8 people were killed and 4 people died on the way to the hospital), and another 25 people were injured, 1 of them seriously. "The passengers are mostly migrant workers." A person familiar with the matter said there had been a call before the incident 110 people call the police to remind the horse on the road, but because of the long distance failed to prevent the tragedy. A number of informed sources, the accident bus from Hailar to Chifeng by bus, passenger vehicles belonging to the city of Chifeng, at the speed of about 91 kilometers per hour, for normal driving; accident belt hanging Truck Registration for Evenk Autonomous Banner, Hulun Buir City, the main person driving by car. Two cars collided, the two sides were killed on the spot driver.相关的主题文章: