In 13th Five-Year, the Hongqiao business district planning to build 15 minutes of life circle-winavi

In 13th Five-Year, the Hongqiao business district planning: to create a 15 minute life circle London October 31st news: Hongqiao’s future will be advised, appropriate industry livable. The development of "Hongqiao business district was informed that in 13th Five-Year" planning experts reporter from the day before the meeting, "13th Five-Year" at the end of the period, the Hongqiao business district resident population reached 500 thousand, the total number of jobs up to about 650 thousand, then, Hongqiao is not only the Asia Pacific hub of heavy traffic, but also various types of high-end, fashion exhibition conference at the same time, the center; life and work will enjoy 15 minutes fitness service circle, 15 minutes, 15 minutes of medical and health service circle entertainment circle, 15 minutes of cultural activities of Hongqiao people in the circle". Big traffic, big exhibition, big business, this is the Hongqiao business district "13th Five-Year" positioning of the three functions, Hongqiao aviation, high-speed rail, subway linkage, driven by the economic and social development of the traffic hub has become a new city construction and transportation upgrade "model", not only in Pudong, will also be around "copy". Livable life circle has emerged, big Hongqiao will build 31 million square meters of commercial and residential buildings in the future, of which 19 million are residential. At present, Shanghai is stepping up construction of the medical center will gather global medical resources, a number of foreign and private hospitals in Shanghai and will be set up in this hospital or branch. In the future, Hongqiao will also build 5 large theaters, build large stadiums and so on. Hot news: the Wuzhong Road line now began to levy plans to start in 2017, the Shanghai Pingliang west block of the old final complete lasted 11 years, involving 17 thousand households in Baoshan third parks built next year greening area of over 260 thousand square meters of 17 Shanghai mountains in Western Zhejiang lost tour pal including 4 German students in Pudong bus suddenly out of control into the opposite lane to 3 dead 1 injured (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai today rain a minimum of 14 degrees to 11 degrees temperature on Wednesday

大虹桥商务区十三五规划:打造15分钟生活圈   东方网10月31日消息:大虹桥的未来将宜商、宜业、宜居。记者从日前举行的虹桥商务区发展“十三五”规划专家点评会上获悉,到“十三五”时期末,虹桥商务区常住人口达到50万,总就业岗位数达65万左右,届时,大虹桥不仅是车水马龙的亚太交通枢纽,也是各类高端、时尚会展会议举办的中心;同时,生活、工作在大虹桥的人们将享受“15分钟体育健身服务圈、15分钟医疗卫生服务圈、15分钟休闲娱乐圈、15分钟文化活动圈”。   大交通、大会展、大商务,这是虹桥商务区“十三五”定位的三大功能,大虹桥航空、高铁、地铁联动,带动经济、社会发展的交通枢纽模式已经成为新型城市建设交通升级的“样板”,不仅在浦东推广,也将在各地“复制”。   宜居型的生活圈已崭露头角,大虹桥未来将建3100万平方米商住楼宇,其中1900万为住宅。目前,正在抓紧建设的上海医疗中心将集聚全球医疗资源,一批外资、民营和上海的三甲医院将在此设立医院或分支机构。今后,大虹桥还将建5家大型影院,筹建大型体育场等。   热点新闻:   吴中路复线即日开始征名 计划于2017年开工   上海平凉西块旧改终完成 历时11年涉1.7万户   宝山第三大公园明年建成 绿化面积超26万平方米    17名上海驴友在浙西深山失联 包括4名德籍留学生   浦东大巴突然失控冲入对向车道 致3死1伤(图)   天气预报:   上海今日有小雨最低14度 周三气温降至11度相关的主题文章: