IE and edge users in the loss of 331 million Google and Firefox Jianlou actv

IE and Edge users in the loss of 331 million Google and Firefox in the Sina News Beijing standard time on November 7th morning news, Microsoft has been trying to develop Windows 10 Edge browser, but the fact that all efforts to cast to the wind. The latest report shows that Edge, together with the loss of 331 million IE browser users within a year, the number is staggering. The report comes from data analysis provider Network Appliance Corporation (Net Applications). The report shows that only in October, Microsoft browser users lost 40 million. 2016 full year, this figure may reach more than 331 million. Particularly disturbing is that the number of Microsoft browser users has been in a downward trend, there is no sign of stopping. 2016 in the first half of the incremental has decreased significantly, but from the beginning of May, the decline was more significant. According to the U.S. technology website Computerworld statistics, if this trend continues, by next March, Microsoft browser market share will be less than 20%. Edge user data is poor, mainly related to Mozilla. The latter’s Firefox browser seems to have been stagnant, resulting in loss of many users, this browser worrying situation, only in the past two months, a slight rebound in performance. IE is steadily declining, as Microsoft has stopped supporting its old version. However, it is necessary to mention that the dismal performance of Edge may be attributed to its very narrow range of users, currently only applies to Windows 10 operating system, and its share in the PC market has just over 22%. As of October this year, Windows 7 users still account for more than 48% of the entire operating system market, Windows and Windows users accounted for the proportion of XP and 8.27%. In contrast, Microsoft’s rival browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, can be used on all Windows versions, even on MacOS. Therefore, the report news revealed that Microsoft is currently considering the development of generic Windows system, which is not surprising. To some extent, Firefox significantly improved user groups should also in the highly anticipated new action of Microsoft, because it marks the trend or may turn in a few months. At this point, Microsoft is actively Edge browser to Windows 10 users. For example, a recent report shows that the company has strengthened the browser’s notification capabilities in order to distinguish it from Google’s Chrome browser, which is currently dominant in the market. Moreover, Windows 10 browser will launch a series of updates. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s aggressive marketing approach seems to be out of the door, so that they have more reason to completely give up Edge. Over the past few months, despite the Microsoft Windows 10 browser features are well received, performance advantages相关的主题文章: