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UnCategorized A lot of people believe that the only way to relieve their gout pain is to take drugs. Unfortunately, this may be doing them more harm than good. If you get a chance, search the internet for a report called The Drug .panies Are Killing Us. After reading it, you will realise the importance of treating gout with natural remedies instead of pharmaceutical ones. This article will outlines why and how you can do this. Let us begin by exploring why natural solutions for gout treatment are better. There is research available that shows that the drugs that people use to treat gout pain are doing incredible damage to their bodies. Some of this damage relates to bone loss, damage to eyes, and even death in some cases. Some doctors say that it takes years before this damage occurs in the body. But actual case studies can show quite the opposite, with the possibility of damage occurring soon after beginning drug therapy. As a result, many people decide that drugs are NOT the way relieve gout pain. Okay, so how do we treat our gout if we cant take drugs? Well, one way is simply to change your life style. The .mon contributors to gout are poor diet and alcohol consumption especially beer. You need to avoid alcohol like the plague. Gout foods to avoid include red meat, fish and any rich foods. These contain chemicals which increase the uric acid accumulation that is associated with gout. Weight is one of the risk factors that can cause gout. The large majority of people with gout carry more weight that normal on their body. Keeping this in mind, it is very important for gout sufferers to keep their weight within reasonable limits. Instead of eating a lot of rich food and red meat you should focus on healthy alternatives. For example if you need more protein, try to eat nuts and beans instead of red meat. With gout, it is essential that you know how a diet low in fat affects your body vs a diet low in calories. A diet low in fat can assist in reducing your gout symptoms. But a diet low in calories could potentially make your gout worse because it can cause an increase in the uric acid levels in your body. Your days of suffering with gout pain can be over if you apply some natural remedies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: