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Writing-and-Speaking A blog is considered a success when it has a braggable number of readers and followers. Engaging blog posts .pel readers to keep .ing back to a blog. If there is a formula for a perfect blog post, I’d share it, but there isn’t. More than readership Each blogger has his own writing style and manner to present a text. But more than the ability to string words together, a blogger must also be able to .municate well with his audience. Traffic from blogs are brought by different media such as search engines, backlinks, referrals and more. They .e looking for information or simply a good read. The blogger should find a way to make the visitors feel .fortable in his web domain. Friendly blogging Practice your stellar hospitality skills online – using your blog. Friendly blogs can easily win the hearts of readers, regardless of background. Allow .menting on your blog posts to get readers to interact. Readers will feel more involved when they get to share their thoughts about your blog entries. They won’t feel like strangers anymore. It could also open up mini discussions amongst the readers. Value of inputs My two cents and your two cents make four! It’s a great idea to tap into your audience and find out what they like to read about on your blog. An online poll is a straightforward way to get some ideas. You can also ask questions within your blog entry. You can also pull ideas from the .ments section – instead of responding to a question right there, make an entire blog post about it and mention the reader who sent in the inquiry. Social web Social media presence plays a good part in making a blog even more interactive. It has already be.e a way of life for many people. Mention followers by their name or tag them in relevant posts. The social media is the easiest place to promote anything new or in your blog. Users regularly log-in to social media sites, so posting a quick shout-out will instantly remind them to visit your blog. After learning how to start a blog, the urge is on to fill every gap on the page. But between creating new entries, don’t forget to show gratitude to your audience. Blogging with your audience in mind is more fulfilling in the long run. Copyright (c) 2012 HowToStartABlog.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: