How to DIY a fingerprint identification to their old computer coinwatch

How to DIY a fingerprint identification to their old computer? Tencent digital hearing (chares) if you want to make personal information more privacy and security, because of the long string of numbers can not remember the trouble, you can try this iTouch ID computer version. ITouch ID is the world’s most mini USB a fingerprint scanner, simply use a finger to touch on the landing account, without fear of someone snooping on your password, can be compatible with PC, Mac and Android platforms, using aircraft grade aluminum material design, capacitive fingerprint sensor of 500 pixels per inch resolution, each device with AES-256 encryption, authentication, privacy protection and it will help you to better myself. From the email, social networks, forums, cloud storage to the bank or other accounts, almost everyone has at least one online account, so in order to ensure the safety, you need to create complex exclusive code, is made up of more than 12 characters, numbers and symbols, and so many accounts, remember the one or two is to make people headache, if you will all use the same account password, and security is difficult to guarantee, so the use of fingerprint encryption technology, is another excellent way, everyone in the world have different fingerprints, so this will also be the world of your own password, only you can be open the iTouch ID in use for the first time, it will automatically capture fingerprint password record, which is stored in the database, when the second time you login, it will automatically identify alignment, ITouch ID fingerprint data is not stored in an image, so it is not easy to be exploited by hackers, security is easier to protect. ITouch ID can be the first line of your notebook operating system security privacy, password confirmation, it can synchronize the social networking account, the other by default, you can lock and unlock your computer with iTouch ID in the same folder, with a fingerprint identification, iTouch ID can protect your laptop Windows, a desktop computer and a tablet, from hardware to software, security issues are a reliable guarantee, so you can always keep the privacy of data security, compared to other needs of mouse, the data line operation of fingerprint identification products, iTouch ID is more simple and compact, the products of others some too large, some operation is too complicated. In the first set, iTouch ID no longer need to repeat setting, it is compatible with Mac OS and X Windows notebook computer, tablet devices and Android Windows system, it is worth mentioning that the fingerprint recognition speed iTouch ID particularly fast, it can in a second scan, analysis and landing account, than with password typing a lot faster, although it looks very mini size, but the iTouch ID fuselage by Aluminum Alloy aviation grade material which can resist scratches, can waterproof. Currently this product is being raised on the indiegogo, priced at about 390 yuan. Source: indiegogo相关的主题文章: