How Ptz And Other Special Products Cctv Systems Are Now Used To Provide High Levels Of Surveillance-kimi wo omou melodi

Home-and-Family PTZ is an abbreviation for Pan, Tilt and Zoom and is a term used in the security and surveillance industry. You will find the PTZ acronym used in any of the following ways – a ptz controller, a ptz camera, ptz software or ptz equipment. A PTZ equipped surveillance camera can be controlled remotely in the following manner:- You can PAN the camera from side to side thereby controlling movement in the horizontal plane. You can TILT the camera up and down thereby controlling movement in the vertical plane. You can ZOOM in towards or zoom out and away from your subject. As mentioned above there are many products preceded by the PTZ acronym so let’s consider. Like so many things in life the development of technology has brought huge developments to the security and surveillance industry with the use of .puters almost everywhere. The PTZ camera will be a digital camera and the zoom will probably be digital and all the movements of the camera including the pan and tilt, can be controlled from a .puter workstation. The PTZ camera is more expensive than the equivalent fixed camera but the flexibility of the camera will enable you to monitor an entire area which may have previously required 5 or 10 fixed cameras. How you control the PTZ camera is very much down to the operator and how you will best meet your own requirements. Several .panies manufacture dedicated PTZ controller cards which enable you to control typically 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 cameras or channels. The processing capabilities of the card need to be increased as the number of channels increase to ac.modate the total number of frames per second needing to be processed and passed to the host .puter or written to disk for future use and analysis. Great ptz software enables full control of the ptz .ponents which reside on a standard .puter network. Each device will be provided with an IP address so that it maybe accessed via the network (either by cable or wireless or even via the internet). [IP is .puter speak and means you allocate a device with an IP address so that you can the access or control that device using industry standard .puter based .mands]. Using software like that available from Milestone enables you to integrate all the movements of the camera, the PTZ, and capturing of the images from the camera effectively creating a .puter controlled network video recorder. The mega pixel camera, at affordable prices, has facilitated huge steps forward. Now that you can .fortably record 8 to 10 mega pixels or more per image and have the affordable disk space to store the images then you begin to see where the industry is moving. By recording the millions of pixels then it is possible to zoom into a small section of the image and still have enough pixels recorded to provide a clear, large enough and readable image. If you link all the special products CCTV systems en.pass – such as cameras, panic alarms, mag.ic contact strips, smoke detectors, infra-red cameras and more then you will soon be able to develop an IP security and surveillance to meet your requirements. By using standard technology and open platform ip video surveillance management software you create powerful surveillance that is easy to manage. Just one or two ptz cameras could provide you with sophisticated home based surveillance system which can be easily expanded and developed to meet changing requirements. Your IP CCTV surveillance system with PTZ equipment will provide you with the ability to interact with your system from any location where you have access to the inter.. Once your surveillance and security system is up and running then of course the same software will provide great search features to enable you to examine current and archived data. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: