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Business There is a huge difference when it .es to teaching students from school and colleges to training employees in a corporate set up. The purposes are entirely different and methods vary too. While school students are in the habit of attending classes and taking lessons, the same may not be true when it .es to learning while on the job. The process of training for employees depends on the type of training that is provided alongside the set up that is created for training these employees. Corporate training is the process of providing specialized training to the employees of an organisation in order to help them enhance their skill sets, increase their level of productivity and engage in taking leadership roles. The employees use the strategies that are discussed during the training program and try to increase their efficiency in work. These training programs are scheduled within the work hours of the employees after checking their schedule. Depending on the training schedule, the training rooms are set within the office spaces. Corporate training, at times, are organised in .bination with an outbound trip where the employees can relax for few days and also learn about strategies that are new to them. Many of the .panies prefer an out bound training program so that the employees can enjoy the training better. At the end of the training program, the employees are certified and at times, given incentives and gifts for attending the program. The training programs are typically interactive in nature and hence need a more open and relaxed set up. The training rooms in the office spaces must have the proper facilities that are required for the training. The training rooms, if not available in the office premises itself, they can be hired from the rooms that are available in the office spaces on rent. These kinds of training rooms are given on rent for a specific time period as per the training schedule. There are a few things that should be taken into consideration before taking a training room on rent. The room must be big enough to ac.modate all the trainees or participants, the trainers and the evaluators. The seating arrangements can be done accordingly so that it allows the trainers to move around in the rooms, help the participants move inside the rooms if there are any role-taking rounds. At times, there are guests who wish to attend these trainings as well. Having big training rooms will ensure that all the participants are ac.modated easily. The other things that should also be kept available include projectors and screens, white board and markers, microphones and speakers and power backup, etc. Make sure to arrange for refreshments, bottled water and beverages in case the duration is too long. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: