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Housing mortgages are also quickly come not in total housing developers in tow – Beijing – Community reporter Cong Junru while the monthly rental housing, while a mortgage, the state for 2 years. Now the mortgage is almost finished, but still did not buy the house. Ms. Wang in 2014 bought Luancheng Sansu manor 5 building a house. When buying a house, building 5, although not built, but other residential property has been capped, see real estate built up, so she felt assured to buy. The contract was submitted on June 2015. Ms. Wang said that after 2014 to buy a house, the year began in October repayment. Although the side of the house while renting repayment, but she believes that this state will not be too long. House to others can not be submitted to others, she asked the developer to get the answer is the financial situation, need to wait". Repeatedly asked, still no progress. Ms. Wang said, now she learned that the state of the house, the main building 5 has been completed, but specific to the door, windows and the like has not been installed, and therefore can not meet the conditions of others. Owners pony also encountered this situation, he said the current sales department staff have been evacuated, when others also said not clear. Developers are always dragging, when the new year, said in May this year, and then said in June, and now as soon as the year of October, or did not receive notification of others. The reporter in accordance with the owners to provide contact information, try to contact with the developers, said developers are not connected to each other after the other person in charge, but can help provide developers contact, but until the deadline, still no reply. Hebei based law firm Wang Runqi lawyers believe that the extension sought developers of default, the owners can take legal proceedings, require developers to continue to perform the contract, and require developers to bear the liability for breach of contract in accordance with the contract.相关的主题文章: