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Hold the government debt ceiling on State – Sohu comments issued before the "local government debt risk emergency plan", to make the overall deployment and system arrangement of emergency disposal of local government debt risk. This document is for "signs of return" of local debt is to strike out, shortly before the Politburo meeting stressed that "pay attention to curb asset bubbles and prevent economic and financial risks of the concrete implementation. The proposed contingency plan for the four level of risk events, as well as the main responsibility of the local government accountability mechanisms, very detailed and operational. For example, the proposed hierarchical response mechanism proposed in the plan, refined to a variety of different types of risk response. For example, for different levels of government bonds default, but also gives a different allocation mechanism of repayment responsibility. It can be said that this is the local government debt in a comprehensive Mopai and "rainy day", is the overall debt risk controllable conditions, financing mechanism, system regulate borrowing debt ceiling set in accordance with the law". If the previous "deficit" as a result of the specific times, then the future will purge "do not say that you". Review of individual local debt beyond the cordon, and even illegal financing guarantees, are more or less contain such a development hunger". For example, some of the rail base and other major infrastructure construction, people’s livelihood to construction, financial capital is stretched, bank credit funded by regulatory constraints, so that only rely on changes in policy and law on the edge of government credit. "The championship" under the helpless move, one hand laid the foundation for economic development, create the essential hardware conditions for the business enterprise, and on the other hand, barbaric growth debt also inspired such as "pseudo PPP", curing income risk, once the cross-border will detonate the "Domino effect" can not be underestimated. In some places, with a guaranteed return after the court building, put down a default for banks to court, which shows the absurdity and risk. A world financial history tells us that financial or debt, or it is to serve the development needs of the real economy, subject to. If the deviation from the real situation of the production and operation of enterprises, derived from the money begets money, the game is bound to lead to the tragedy of the financial crisis. What’s more, in some places the debt relationship, Ming shares of real debt financing, and confusion disorderly debt, equivalent to amplify the normal financial risk. In this regard, once let the "inhibition", will be a runaway horse, rattling around. Therefore, the central injunctions hold no systemic financial risk "bottom line, the purpose is to let the financial credit to their respective places, correction of the development of the local government, accountability through the regression based rule of law government, limited government, service-oriented government, not to do business offside. It is worth noting that the plan is clear in the life of the accountability system, even if the outgoing is responsible for what is done. This requires managers must not covet momentary speed, the mess left to his successor, and must adhere to a blueprint drawn in the end. Trees can’t grow up in the sky. This sentence is precisely the financial risk control of the eve相关的主题文章: