Hangzhou a landlord to mortgage the house after the court forced to vacate the house for rent guitarpro5

Hangzhou a landlord to mortgage the house after the court forced to vacate the rental house yesterday, Hangzhou two court vacated a mortgage concentrated action execution. Hangzhou city police officers of the Executive Board will go to Xiaoshan together to perform typical third people occupied housing. The debtor is on loan in 2011 the couple surnamed Zhou, Xiaoshan Leisure Expo Garden apartment, under the mortgage bank with a total of more than 127 yuan penalty etc.. The bank charges to the city court. October 2015 real estate was seized, but Zhou couple disappeared, so far unknown. Banks to apply for enforcement. In the implementation of the judge found that Zhou will be a real estate mortgage in 2011, the house is now a man accounted for. The man took out a week and signed a rental contract for 19 years. But the contract did not write the rent and payment, the court found that the illegal lease. In May this year, the Court seized announcement posted the door, let the man vacated a mortgage. But the man was resistance, seal and flight announcement has been torn. Yesterday, the court assembled more than 30 police officers executed, forced to vacate. The court found that the house resident is two men (a female occasional), thirty or forty years old, often late at night, is usury company employees. Arrived at the scene, 10 points yesterday morning, after knocking a burly man opened the door. "Please show me your ID card and move out of the house." The executive judge righteously. The man is very resistant: "I am a tenant, spend money, and not chaos." The judge asked: "why do you continue to tear up the vacated notice?" Man: "I did not tear not to say yes or no." The judge issued a directive: "today the house must vacate the house mortgage, first, lease in the post, so illegal." The man is very strong, shouting, to call a lawyer. The judge was very calm: "now, please tidy up your personal belongings." Suddenly the man on the sofa: "I will move, you let us have a rest." Police officers responded: "personal things, other things will move a moving company." At 10:30 in the morning, the man was brought back to the court for investigation, the house vacated smoothly. Shangcheng District Court of the executive board Chen Yingyi said the president, if verified third people tore up the seal and flight announcement, vile will fine punishment of detention. Yesterday, the West Lake court also implemented a private lending disputes, the difficulty is that this is the only one set of housing. 2013, the court found that Liu Mouqian Xu 300 thousand yuan. But so far, Liu did not return the money, the case entered the implementation stage, the court found that Liu’s property is only a set of housing, it is considered to be the only housing, so it has been tried to persuade Liu Mouneng to fulfill the debt initiative, but Liu chose to escape. Yesterday morning, West Lake Court Executive Bureau dispatched 20 executive officers, 5 police cars and two vehicles moving vehicles to travel together. Liu is not at home. The implementation of the scene, the moving company under the unified arrangement of the court. Moving companies and other items will be delivered to the temporary housing provided by the person in charge, and take pictures. After the execution, Liu will move to the transitional housing, by the enforcement applicant Xu provided.相关的主题文章: