Guardian boot partner He Zhuoyan Sun Jian comeback featuring a female entertainment Sohu

"Guardian" boot partner He Zhuoyan Sun Jian comeback featuring a female – Sohu entertainment He Zhuoyan as "rain Fei" Sohu entertainment news October 25th morning, the film, Tak television jointly produced the modern Spy Drama "Guardian" boot ceremony was held in Suzhou Taihu. The show by the famous director Di Jie, senior writer sun duo teamed up to build, He Zhuoyan, Sun Jian, Haifeng Ding starring, is a high IQ detection, burning brain suspense, drama, but also a perplexing emotional drama. He Zhuoyan after a lapse of four years back, first TV series "the most beautiful woman turned rain Fei", featuring a female partner Sun Jian. "Niche strength" and "potential flower" configuration cited expectations. "Jin Yong He Zhuoyan is the most beautiful actress turned Cagney and Lacey He Zhuoyan starred in Mr. Jin Yong’s two most lovable characters," the deer "in the pure good doublet and version of" The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber "in her gentle little, from costume beauty image appear in public view. In the movie "99 degrees" and Fiji love "city of love", He Zhuoyan changed the image of the past, as young and innocent? Silk spoony girl next door, the character and also makes the audience from many angles to see He Zhuoyan’s change and progress. The He Zhuoyan with the TV series "Guardian" comeback featuring the star "rain Fei", after a lapse of four years to perform this with a science fiction color and black humor of Spy Drama, very exciting. "Guardian" is the first TV drama He Zhuoyan comeback to play, has a very important significance. He Zhuoyan said: "rain Fei" is back after my first role, I told her in a lot of personal feelings, after all, after a lapse of four years, or a little pressure, but I will do well in her, let us see a new me!"相关的主题文章: