Guangzhou’s first reward for the implementation of the views of the good the highest award twenty th govos

Guangzhou first introduced the opinions: good reward the highest award twenty thousand – Beijing, Guangzhou’s first award "good" introduced the opinions of Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Liao Jingwen Hai Xuan) the good social civilization is the benchmark, in addition to good applause, but also to what good? Recently, Guangzhou City, Haizhuqu District issued the "opinions of Haizhuqu District moral model and helping courtesy reward the good side (Trial)", as the first good areas of the city award courtesy opinions, Haizhuqu District from a system oriented society clearly passed "good karma" values. Reward 1000 yuan ~20000 yuan social development needs positive energy to guide and promote. Haizhuqu District in recent years to practice the core values as the focus, efforts to create a "good" culture, has emerged Zhao Guangjun, Li Yuzhi 2 national moral models, "Chinese good" 7 people, 4 people Guangdong good, Guangzhou good 49 people, formed a unique Haizhu good "stars", to build a demonstration the value of the moral construction of Haizhu sample". "Good good" system to protect the Haizhu frequent good thanks. Recently, "the opinions of Haizhuqu District moral model and helping courtesy reward the good side (Trial)" was promulgated, the good model give care for in life, commended awards in spirit, to create a "dare to do good things, good good" social environment provided a guarantee. According to the "opinions", the scope and object of courtesy and helping by the Haizhuqu District declaration, won the national, provincial and municipal moral model title and award nominations and selected national, provincial, municipal and district level good moral model and the good side. To win the national, the province, the city’s moral model and the nomination award, "Chinese good" and "good Guangdong" and "Guangzhou good" and "good Haizhu" nominated for the award winner, a one-time reward according to certain standard, bonus between 1000 yuan ~20000 yuan (see table below). To the public for Haizhu good recently, by the Publicity Department of Haizhu District, Haizhuqu District civilization to create a "good Haizhu 365" selection platform officially open to the public for the Haizhu good". After more than half a month of excavation and the masses, communities, streets and enterprises and institutions recommended, 17 candidates and advanced deeds have been reported in the platform rolling. September 3rd, according to the status of the network vote for the review, the final selection of 6 monthly Haizhu good".相关的主题文章: