Guangxi special inspection financial poverty relief funds

Guangxi special inspection of the financial funds Guangxi daily, Nanning news (reporter Zhou Hongmei)   to ensure that every funds spent on precise poverty alleviation "blade", the Regional Department of Finance decided in the region of the city and county financial funds use supervision. It is reported that the key links prone to problems of this special inspection focuses on the key and difficult work and poverty alleviation funds management process, including the "13th Five-Year" of the financial input mechanism of steady growth of poverty alleviation work program "in 2016, the implementation of poverty alleviation funds use and annual finance poverty alleviation fund balances, poverty alleviation microfinance policy implementation, poverty alleviation funds and use, to promote the integration of agriculture related funds, the use of fiscal agricultural funds to co-ordinate the integration of the pilot work to promote. Supervision work will be divided into two stages. The first stage by cities and counties around the inspection content in mid to late August of self-examination and rectification, the formation of the written materials submitted to the finance department; the second stage is the stage of on-site inspection, in 8-9 months, led by the Department of finance, the relevant units deployed personnel composed of two inspection teams to check the books, listen to the report, investigation and discussion so, on the part of the city and county site inspection. To win the battle of Guangxi out of poverty, since this year, the autonomous region government by increasing the financial input, adjust the expenditure structure, innovative financing way, do everything possible to raise funds, strengthen all levels of financial support ability. As of August 15th, the autonomous region has fiscal financing arrangements of poverty alleviation funds 14 billion 152 million yuan, is 3.7 times the 2015 autonomous region to co-ordinate arrangements for investment in poverty alleviation; and the Agricultural Development Bank and CDB through the Guangxi agricultural investment group unified loans lent central discount long-term loans 8 billion 300 million yuan, the autonomous region to implement fiscal poverty alleviation funds has more than 22 billion yuan.相关的主题文章: