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Great adventurer Jia Yueting crazy password, entrepreneurs can learn from him what the small table – what Sohu Technology New Media Editor two days before Xi Xiangde, Mrs. Wei Gan and Jia Yueting had a son, plus a pair of twin daughters, music as well as expanding the global map, Jia Yueting is the winner in life. 13 years ago, Jia Yueting was an ordinary businessman before he opened in Shanxi coal washery, opened a factory, do a bilingual school. After Beijing, enter the communications industry in the expert advice, then the creation of letv. Compared to today’s frequently graduated from Standford’s many entrepreneurs, the starting point of Jia Yueting’s business is very low. But more controversial. These years, bad mouthing and questioning voice as overtly or covertly, as one falls, another rises, many people suspect that this company LETV still crazy how long, but has no critical point. Ecology, chemistry, subversion, from smart TV, to the super phone, super car, as the music continues to expand the expansion of the dispute. In addition to the help of Jia Yueting, as entrepreneurs in the end what is special? A few days ago, an investment organization held on the entrepreneur training, the instructor asked twenty or thirty entrepreneurs, who will buy music as a mobile phone? Only one hand. Perhaps as mobile phone consumer groups are not entrepreneurs, but also can get a glimpse of many founders of LETV deep psychological view. Of course, this does not hinder the music as more than a year to sell 10 million mobile phones, and the acquisition of cool. August 19th, LETV announced the semi annual report in 2016, its first half operating income of 10 billion 63 million yuan, an increase of 125.59%. Jia Yueting does not seem to be afraid to question the voice, he was more afraid of music as the Internet industry to lose focus. He has formed a strong writing team, champion of action and his music as ecological strategy. One side is their own efforts to promote, while the water is poured cold. Positive, exaggerated voice, soft and negative reports, in the traditional media and the new media echoes, music as fire, Jia Yueting’s personal face is more and more blurred. LETV, music as pictures, music, sports, music, music as cloud music as holding car…… The complex ecological built in Jia Yueting by many children, arranged in a crisscross pattern composed of partners, what is the truth? Observers used to question the music as the capital chain. Today, we change the perspective of an analysis of the support of Jia Yueting’s "empire" password. Perhaps the music as the controversy will be growing, and even one day will fall, but some things are still worth learning from entrepreneurs. Jia Yueting is not a good speaker. In December 5, 2015, when he was standing at the annual China business leaders annual meeting keynote speech, people can see the scene, he was very nervous. Relying on PPT, Jia Yueting’s speech is still some stumbling, head out of thin sweat, but the whole speech persevered, clearly expounds the seven basic ecology and music as platform + content + hardware + application strategy. In the first row, Liu Chuanzhi and so on?相关的主题文章: