Gold teacher beware of the black swan weekly ending, or increase the number of drilling, oil prices aizi

Gold teacher: beware of the black swan weekly ending, or increase the number of drilling, oil prices will again fall below $50! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Friday (October 14th) the price of crude oil in Europe, broken bits upward to above $51, an increase of more than 1[%]. And the weekly again ending, analysts said the need to guard against the Fed rate hike black swan, and evening drilling announced, is expected to bad crude oil, we recommend investors to be cautious chase. As of 15:44 Beijing time, the international crude oil prices rose $0.62 Powei upstream, 1.23[%], at $51.06 a barrel. (U.S. WTI crude oil 60 minutes chart) or over $market reminder: Friday (October 14th) 20:30 Beijing time, the Boston Fed President Rosengren (Eric Rosengren) for a meeting held the welcome speech and delivered the opening speech. Rosengren has been "Dove", but now has been transformed into a hawk. Friday (October 14th) Beijing time 20:30, the United States in September retail sales will be released, the monthly rate of material increased by 0.6[%], an unexpected decline of 0.3[%]. Ablin pointed out that the market is expected to meet strong confidence performance. Analysts pointed out that due to pay higher gasoline prices, and improve information, retail sales may rebound, but given the slow growth of employment and red report spending fell, retail sales rebound will be limited. Saturday (October 15th) Beijing time 01:30, the Federal Reserve (FED) chairman Yellen (Janet Yellen) will deliver a speech at the meeting of the Boston fed. Economists say Yellen is unlikely to make any major policy statement, more likely the Fed’s policy tools discussion, also may pass such a message: even in the longer term, the interest rate may not be so high as previously estimated. Drilling continued by a greater probability of oil drilling has been 15 consecutive weeks Lianzeng, but the current market expectations, the United States Beck Hughes drilling continued by greater probability, the crude oil market oversupply may continue to deteriorate, the evening or oil prices finished lower risk, we recommend investors to be cautious chase. Preliminary review: the data show that as of October 7, 2016 week American petroleum drilling active to increase the number of 3 to 428, increased for 15 consecutive weeks, since 1987 prices have plummeted third the longest period, also hit the highest level since the week of February 12th. Over the past few weeks, analysts expect crude oil drilling platforms in the United States to grow significantly over the next few weeks. In general, if the night oil drilling continued growth, long-term oil prices increase pressure, rebound the inevitable end or down 50 risk, but if the unexpected reversal of crude oil prices soaring sharply bullish, fear, there is still a possibility of a record high for the year. Crude oil has become the only recent rise in theory相关的主题文章: