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Home-and-Family If you want your kitchen to look and feel like a 5-star restaurant, there are some little things that can make a difference. One of the most functional and elegant things you can add to your kitchen is a glass lazy susan. This items is definitely not ‘lazy’, when you are entertaining, it does all the work. A glass turntable on your kitchen table makes it breeze to entertain and display and serve your best apetizers. It also has the premise of making even the simplest of all appetizers look sophisticated and even fit for a king. Because a glass lazy susan is transparent, it may seem like it takes up no space and doesn’t cramp up your kitchen. Because they use tempered glass, they are one of the best types to use in the kitchen. You can find one to fit almost every taste: clear glass, frosted or decorated glass. When you buy a glass turntable, it fits right into decor of any room in the house, allowing you to use it in a kitchen, a dining room, or on a patio. Lazy susans .e in so many different varieties. There are wooden lazy susans and glass lazy susans. You can get a Rubbermaid lazy susan or even a lazy susan spice rack. A .mon misconception is that lazy susans are all about vanity. This is simply not true, they are very versatile, with options ranging from keeping your condiments on a nice revolving display, to preparing an elaborate Sunday breakfast or brunch table .plete with stacks of pancakes, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, and strawberry syrup at the fingertips of the whole family to enjoy. You can even fancy up a meal of burgers or hotdogs by putting the different condiments on a lazy susan turntable. Having a large revolving tray is of particular use when you hold a ‘buffet’ type dinner party, you can place all the dishes and have your guests seated while the tray caters to their needs, who needs waiters anymore!! They are perfect at parties or events where you will be serving different appetizers, cocktails or other small finger foods. If you ever let your kids and their friends use your kitchen table as an art station, sorting out crayons and play-doh on a revolving tray gives all the children equal and fair access, which translates to less fights and more fun. When you finally get a lazy susan, you will be mad at yourself because it took so long before you got one. Sometimes something very simple can make life a whole lot easier. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: