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Business A beautiful occasion is often celebrated by a beautiful gift. In India it is believed that auspicious occasions should be commenced with sweets and what beautiful way to celebrate a wedding or birthday with a cake. So if you have a loved one residing here, you can always choose to send Cakes to India. Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes are the most customary gifts that are send on birthdays and weddings. Now days, with an option of Cakes Home Delivery many consumers choose to send their wishes to their loved ones by booking the cakes to be send online. With the mushrooming of many E-commerce organizations, it is now possible for Cakes Same Day Delivery and Cakes Midnight Delivery. In this article, we tell you about the best options available to send cakes to your close ones. A very good online cake store is They provide the best delicacies in the world of Cakes, Chocolates, Pastries and Cookies. They have a very strong and popular brand name and have a distinguished presence in over 12 cities in India and along with two cities in Egypt. They state their core purpose as one that helps their customers in showcasing their happiness and care for their loved ways in ways that is truly personalized and memorable. They insist on a very strong focus on quality control at all levels including those of production, packaging and delivery, thus providing the customers with the best of all worlds. You are sure to lure in by exotic names such as White Forest, Black Forest, Chocolate Marquise, Passion Fruit and Fruit of the Forest among many others. The recipes are tantalizing and the ingredients fresh. What better gift to send your loved ones. Innovation being a leading focus at Monginis, they recently came up with a never-before series of 3-D cakes. As of now they are available for delivery in Mumbai only. These cakes can be in shape of an I-Pad or PlayStation, an angry bird or an Uncle Mario. These are offered in both regular as well as Pure-Vegetarian varieties. To ensure prompt service they categorized their order into two categories Normal delivery i.e. Cake Same Day Delivery&Cake Midnight Delivery (within 48 hours of order placing) and Next Day delivery (within 24 hours of order placing), if the delivery time crosses the threshold limit of 48 hours then Cakes Home Delivery is absolutely free of cost. A very exciting option for children and couples is the Photo Cakes starting from just Rupees 800 a kilogram. Now these can be very exciting because children will love to have their pictures on their birthday cakes and the same would also go for couples too. What a thrilling range of products and what convenient options. So, if you are figuring out how to send Cakes to India, be it Birthday Cakes or Wedding Cakes, be certain to try out, for you are assured of value for money and quality of service at each stage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: