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Business Business cards make the first and lasting impression. When you give out your business cards to someone, you introduce yourself to them. This is why business cards are regarded as an important weapon in the career world. If you give out a bland business card, it can let the receiver perceive that you do not value creativity. If you give out something that is over-decorated and is information overload, it might look like you are bragging. It is important to let your business card showcase a short detail in an elegant yet neat way. Make your business cards look professional and attractive through choosing the right paper to use and right designs that will make it look formal and classy. To help you make the best business card, you should choose the right quality of paper. Too soft might just blow it away, so you need thick ones. Thick business cards are the best kind. It is just as 50% thick as credit cards. You can choose different kinds of thickness depending on your preference, but two of the most preferred are 16pt and 17pt cards. 16pt business cards are the most affordable and most popular among other card thickness. On the other hand, 17pt thickness is the most professional kind and will make your business card look classier. These kinds of thickness cannot be torn away, unlike business cards which use a soft kind of paper quality. Thick business cards are better because it uses materials that will not make it creased. Also, when using thick business cards, it is more resistant to tears, creases, and dirt. There are printing businesses that offer different thickness levels that range from 16pt to 20pt. Aside from noting the thickness of the paper used in the best business cards, you should also try silk laminated cards. Silk laminated cards are cards which are laminated to have a smooth feel. This kind of lamination is durable, water resistant, and tear resistant. It is not a coating, but it is a matte finish. These are the kind of lamination that most professionals want because it gives the luxurious feel for an affordable price. Also, business cards that are silk laminated lasts more times longer than other business cards. However, you should take note that silk has an effect on the color that you want your business cards to have. When you use silk laminated cards, it will help you get that impression that you are after a well-produced product and is giving attention to bits and pieces of a good product. Silk business cards are usually ordered by hotels, graphic designers, and real estate firms which value quality products in their profession among others. It is a new and unique kind of business card printing which will take your business cards to a whole new level. There are also other options to choose from depending on how you want your business cards to look like. Just like any other business cards, you can still opt to customize it. There are different sizes and designs to choose from as there is a template perfectly fit for your personality. Business cards are mostly inexpensive and it is a great catch because with the right texture and design, who knows, it might help you reach a great career. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: