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Pets Are you fortunate enough to live with a German Shepherd? Then you know that they are extremely active dogs. They need lots of exercise. They are bold, determined, and smart, requiring a lot of attention. German Shepherds are also naturally dominant dogs so proper training is a must. It is essential that you control your German Shepherd or she will control you. But training will ensure that she is a happy, well-adjusted member of your family. So, want to know the best way to train your German Shepherd? Before we share some important points with you, let’s get the biggest secret to training you German Shepherd out of the way. It is CONSISTENCY Consistency! You’ve heard it before but it’s true. We’ve seen it before; someone gets a German Shepherd puppy and underestimates the amount of time and attention it will take to train it effectively. Dog training is pretty simple, give her praise when your puppy does something you want, and correct your puppy when she does something you don’t want. Doing this consistently will eventually train you German Shepherd effectively. In essence, training you dog enhances to special bond you have with your dog. Dogs are more .fortable when their owners establish themselves as the leader of the pack. This is a naturally occurring rank and you can promote it by following these teaching points. We will go over the best ways to train your German Shepherd so you will ensure a happy and long relationship. First understand that your dog’s actions are largely governed by instinct so it is up to you to balance your dog’s instinct with conditioned behavior through human training. You can do this by correctly establishing in your household a social hierarchy from the very first day you bring your German Shepherd puppy home. This naturally occurring hierarchy is headed by the Alpha dog, which is the dominant dog, followed by the Beta dog, or second in line for dominance, and bringing up the rear is the Omega dog, which is dominant to none. The Alpha dog is submissive to none, dominant to all, and the supreme ruler in the pack. The Beta dog is submissive only to the Alpha but dominant to all other dogs. The Omega dog is submissive to all other dogs. A critical fact to remember is that your German Shepherd is happiest when she has an Alpha dog to giver her firm, consistent leadership. But it is also essential to know that your dog will instinctively try to better her pack position, so, especially during training, you may experience periods where she tests the boundaries. She may test you by misbehaving and ignoring .mands you are sure she remembers. This is normal. The best way to work through this trying period is with consistency and maintenance of the training program you have established. Alpha wolves in the wild decide where and when to hunt and where to settle the pack. Always eating first after each kill, the Alpha wolf is the unequivocal leader of his pack with no exceptions. There are no exceptions to his law and he governs is pack in a firm and fair way. What does all this have to do with training your dog? Simply that you must be the Alpha dog in your pack to effectively train your German Shepherd. He will work harder to please you if he understands his relationship with you. This will also establish a proper relationship between you and your dog right from the start and he will bond more closely and deeply to you. There is a special situation you should know. Imagine this situation: Let’s say your husband is 6’4, weighing 225 pounds and you are a petite woman. Can you really be the Alpha dog? You might say when and where your husband eats, but in the mind of your dog, you probably aren’t perceived as the Alpha. This is because his deeper voice along with the undetectable scent he gives off to the dog naturally establishes him as the Alpha. But you’re not doomed to Omega dog status. You can establish your dominance over all the dogs in your household as the Beta dog. But you may have to work a little harder to do this. Having your kids participate in the training process will make them dominant over the dog, as well. This is essential. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: