German guy did not understand the Chinese rail tickets to buy a car to help the English drawing (Fig roselip

German guy did not understand the Chinese rail tickets to buy a car to help the English drawing (Figure) – Yao Fan (left) to the German tourists wrote a detailed travel route. A foreign traveler, because cannot read Chinese, tickets and communication obstacles when the conductor, he kept hand gestures, anxious. This scene happens to be on duty police Yao Fan saw, he immediately stepped forward with English help rescue, not only to help each other to buy a ticket, but also personally send it on the train. Daqing Railway Police enthusiastic, got the name of this foreign tourists". 5:50 on August 22nd, DaQing Railway Station police Yao Fan, at the ticket office visits, see a foreign male passengers, holding a map, kept to the gestures, the more anxious, more said he did not know where to go. Yao Fan see this, immediately stepped forward to help, by looking at each other’s passport that, this is a German passenger, Yao Fan thought, this is bad, he can only speak English, do not speak german. He tried to embrace the attitude, with each other in English and the exchange of a sentence, did not expect the German tourists can understand English, which makes Yao Fan very happy. Two people communicate in English a lot, Yao sail learned that the German passenger is 24 years old this year, is a free traveler, in August 21st, he K4729 train ride from Beijing to Daqing, from Daqing to Inner Mongolia to Arxan travel. For Daqing there is no direct train to Arxan, Yao Fan find related trips, and help the young German travel route planning. Subsequently, Yao fan led the German guy came to the ticket booth, to help him to buy a train ticket to Zhalantun, and told him to Zhalantun, the way to Arxan by car. Careful Yao fan afraid of the young man can not remember, in Chinese and English to write two car route map to the young man. More than an hour of patience to communicate, so that the German young man was deeply moved, repeatedly to Yao fan vertical thumb. For the morning inspection work station, Yao Fan told the German boy, from the time to travel there for an hour, he first put the work arrangements, to send again to young man in the car, do not know Chinese on the car. On the same day at 7:40, Yao will sail as young man on the train to Zhalantun, parting, German boy holding Yao Fan’s hand, praised Chinese police service repeatedly, and not the standard Chinese say thank you". I graduated last year, and now can use the knowledge learned to help foreign friends, I am very happy, in fact, this is not a thing, we should do the police." During the interview, Yao Fan said with a smile. (Zhang Jingze, Daqing,)相关的主题文章: