Gel gel car synchronization open 6 store experience

Gel gel car synchronization open 6 store experience nearly two, Shenzhen, Fuyong lighting and driving by driving cooperation, Internet car platform O2O gel gel to the first batch of Shenzhen experience the next line shop opened in Nanshan District science and Technology Park, etc.. The series O2O line store experience is set up to allow users to better understand and experience the gel gel products and services. Since the beginning of the August the first batch of gel gel car O2O store experience after landing in Xi’an, September 8th to 9, Shenzhen store experience scale open, further enrich the service content to lay lay at the lower end of the line. This series of actions reflects the learner has recognized the gel gel – experience platform, better and more convenient service level has become the era of the Internet to play " " key pretty. The rapid development of the industry, the new car model coquettish gel gel that many people have to learn to drive, queuing time, practice is short, long period, high cost of traditional impression. But most of the attention in today’s era is the efficiency, so the Internet has opened up a gel gel car car industry fancy car. From the hourly fee, open and transparent, optional coaches, as about as a car to school, teaching, peer assessment, the first post pay, do not pay off, this car has always been the spirit of " gel; happiness starts " the concept of learning party to provide a better learning experience. Spend money wisely, to ensure every sum of tuition fees are transparent and effective; it can make an appointment nearby whenever and wherever possible the coaches Lianju, the autonomy of learners to students; a car, coach more efficient guidance to learn to drive, effectively ensure the learning efficiency; also become a new generation of Internet car group the welfare. Don’t pay, learning to become wayward " ". Whether it is the face of workers or students to solve the party, lay lay is not sufficient time cost of opaque problems fundamentally, more humane to meet the requirements of different kinds of people. Things can not stop, gel gel line store experience when the students were hot opening blitz in gel gel APP gel gel to learn to drive, re innovation, will further expand the gel gel service to the next line, the line opened in Shenzhen, Nanshan District, Baoan District and other places store experience. Shenzhen store experience is a gel gel after Xi’an car line store experience and a new advanced gel gel O2O service learning process. The opening day, experience store scene in South Park, lay lay car city manager Mr. Liu Chao for the new open store experience to do a simple introduction to the reporter: " South Park shop just this one of a series of store experience, we also open science and Technology Park, Fenghuang Village, headquarters in Fuyong, deep manhole a total of 6 stores, covering Nanshan, Baoan District two. Based on this, we will be in Shenzhen and Dongguan, many have set up shop experience more. At the same time, we are also simultaneously more optimization, hope that the future lay lay able to put their own internet learning mode "play" to the extreme, also hope that the next line store experience can give students more quality service. " to the scene of Mr. Zhang also said: " with the experience of the store can come here to shop consultation, the heart is more practical, to understand all aspects of the product is also more clear.相关的主题文章: