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The foreign minister of Philippines: preparing for the China and bilateral talks in Washington – Sohu news Yasai Philippines stressed that the next step plan is still as president Ramos did, and China continue informal contact, to open the door after the formal talks. According to the "Philippines star" news September 18th, visiting the United States, Philippines’s foreign minister perfecto Yasai? (Perfecto Yasay) 16 said in Washington, Philippines is through diplomatic channels, bilateral talks and the preparations for the China. "The important thing is that we have a conversation." Yasai 16 days at Philippines’s embassy in Washington said in a speech, Philippines’s military forces to China confrontation, which is why Philippines’s president Walter ordered the Philippines Navy not to join the United States in the South China Sea joint military drill. Yasai said the joint military drill will be Chinese as a provocation, the peaceful settlement of the territorial conflicts become more difficult. However, just a day before. At the centre for strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in his speech said that Philippines is not ready to China and dialogue, Philippines will not take any unilateral action without legal basis. This year, August 8th -13, Philippines’s former president Ramos as the new president’s special envoy, met in Hongkong and China former deputy foreign minister Fu Ying, the meeting is considered to promote relations between China and the Philippines "thaw" of a beginning. Both sides expressed their willingness to further exchanges. Duthel Te later in August also said it would hold bilateral talks with China this year. Yasai in Washington that the Philippines next plan is still as president Ramos did, and China continue informal contact, to open the door after the formal talks. Yasai also stressed on the 16 day of the talks, the relationship between Philippines and Chinese is not limited to the disputes in the South China Sea, Philippines and other neighboring countries including Chinese willing, to strengthen trade, infrastructure and communication between people. In other areas of contact, the two sides may open the door for unconditional negotiations on the dispute over the South China sea. He said, "(South China Sea) (Philippines) is just a small part of the relationship, we hope that the exchanges with all countries, including our neighbors Chinese, to seek in trade, investment, infrastructure, cultural and personnel exchanges and other areas of interest." For the release of President Duthel Te and foreign minister Yasai goodwill, China welcome. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and foreign ministry spokesman had repeatedly issued a positive welcome signal to the new government of Philippines. The voice of America reported. The trip to visit the United States as the "fire" tour, but according to the Yasai’s aides said. In addition to the day in Washington will attend a conference hosted by the white house outside the ocean and no plans, and the White House or the U.S. State Department officials held bilateral meetings. The relationship between the United States and its Southeast Asian ally, Philippines, has gone through a roller coaster state in the past few months. In June this year, the newly appointed president of Philippines, Duthel is not only a threat to the United States before the expulsion order, but also refused to cooperate with the u.s..相关的主题文章: