For the 2 day of the J-10 female pilot Yu Xu mourning flowers online network – AUO 7 million Beijing douke

For the 2 day of the J-10 female pilot Yu Xu mourning flowers online network – AUO 7 million Beijing fighter pilot Yu Xu -10 at the expense of the news, so many people who regret, just two days of flowers Yu Xu online hall users has reached 7 million people, people affectionately call — the "Peacock", please homing! Reporter Zhang Kejin Wei – Zhou Meng Bing flowery, eternal youth. This is the 2009 issue of female fighter pilots commemorative stamps, Yu Xu selected photos. "There is a fly in the air, called forever; there is a song called the thorn birds……" A lot of people have seen her. In the interview, on TV, on the website…… That day, she stepped into the cabin as usual, putting her light, flying blue sky, never to return. In November 12, 2016, the second day air force 67 birthday, Bayi aerobatic team, the first batch of female pilots f -10 female pilots in flight training killed Yu Xu. "Forever" Peacock "way!" May you fly in another piece of the Milky way"…… For two days, shock, sadness, regret, diffuse in the military forces outside the network, in the transfer of hundreds of millions of people in the WeChat circle of friends. The moment you fly away, I read your choice, "if you want to fly high, you should forget the horizon." This is Yu Xu often singing the lyrics. Flying, has always been the cause of the brave, aerobatic flight is the initiative to challenge the risk and limit. At present, the three generation fighter pilots can fly, China is only one of the 4, Yu Xu is one of them. Two, the two flew over Tiananmen unveiled at the Zhuhai air show, Yu Xu and her colleagues draw a brilliant track in the blue sky. But you may not know, she experienced how handpicked from 200 thousand people, to become a female talent shows itself to fly; but you may not know, she once again in the aviation school, dizziness and vomiting by eating painkillers adhere to the training, had to get up at 3 o’clock with the sun to fly, once said sadly "like the blue sky is really not easy!" But you may not know, in order to complete the parade task, she and his comrades have made a "life and death", a more than and 20 year old girl’s tender shoulder, to stir up the burden of life and death…… "There are no trails of the wings in the sky, but I have flown……" Yu Xu – the flying girl is gone, a beautiful rainbow broken. Looking forward to her this "Peacock" is not a long life, all of us have read her the choice, the blue sky to my persistent? "Do this line, the most afraid of is too late to say goodbye……" Yu Xu’s comrades read a soldier in the air force, wrote in the WeChat: "not an empty soldier, you will not understand her love and loyalty; not soldiers, you will not understand her faith and sacrifice. Because closer to you, so I know you." Like the pain of losing a loved one! Salute to you……" Yu Xu’s hometown — read a Sichuan Chongzhou netizens said: chuanmeizi pride! For your point of praise! You safe peace for the motherland,!相关的主题文章: