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Vacation-Rentals The town of Volterra is a popular destination among visitors who sign up for Tuscany vacations as it’s fame has risen up to now few years due to the overwhelming Twilight Saga books which features it. The second book and movie showed the town of Volterra as an ancient town with ancient monuments inhabited by modern people and naturally, the vampires. Volterra is supposedly under the safeguard of the ancient vampires which was the main reason behind its persistence in the modern world while still holding on to its old world appeal and culture. Those are all just fictional of course and if it had been written about in a less phenomenal book than Twilight it would never have gained as much attention from curious fans and visitors from all over the world. Visitors who’re curious of the town because of the books and movies will each experience for themselves the wonder and simple elegance of the town. The fans never get to see, however, the famous clock tower where Edward Cullen was supposedly going to reveal himself to the world. That clock tower is described in great detail in the book, but it is not in the real town, however, the movie set provided one just for the sake of it. This town is equipped with modern facilities in the form of the hotel ac.modations and villas that litter the region, but the fact that these hotels are inside ancient monuments themselves gives the visitors a sense of wonder of how such a town could exist for so long. It never fails to amaze visitors, Twilight fans or not, that this town still has its ancient monuments and use them such as water tanks and spas, even some of the villas. The population that inhabit the Tuscany town are loyal to their culture and habits. The foods they provide are fantastic Tuscany cuisines they only can create, and cafes that abut the ancient cobblestoned streets are perfect areas to enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea. The visitors won’t ever get disappointed with this town. This is a town which can not have vampires in their midst, but can show the world what it is to experience old world culture. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: