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Excellent parent: 8 bad example to alert parents! Sohu – maternal parents are their children’s first teachers, parents of speech and deportment always exerts a subtle influence on children. As a teacher, first of all should regulate their own words and deeds. But in real life, many parents often neglect their own mistakes, unconsciously give the children a bad example. Which of the 8 listed below do you have? Excellent parent: 8 bad example to alert parents! (Figure 1) in public places do not pay attention to the bus seat to the elderly speech and deportment, do not readily throw garbage, in a restaurant in the ticket office is not noisy, queue up…… these acts may seem small, but the impact is not good for children. Children should be taught to obey the rules, not to despise the norms of society. Many parents some bad habits, if not corrected, the child will be infected with these bad habits. Constraints on their own behavior, to give children a good example. Children will always be through their own eyes to observe and understand the world, a lot of things do not have to teach, parents need to do their own children to see it. Pick up roadside trash, thrown into the trash, two times a time, the next time you do not have to say, the child will take the initiative to pick up their own garbage, it will not throw litter on the three. 2 lack of patience and responsibility to do a lot of parents in the process of communication with their children will be lack of patience, and even more, but also in the language to express the child is very troublesome implication. Family should not be the most warm and tolerant place? To allow children to make mistakes, parents should do is time and time again to guide the patient, rather than showing the child’s disgust and impatience. You know, children grow up is a long process, parents with full of patience and responsibility to accompany them to go down. Many foreign families will keep some pets to grow up with their children, which is not only to give the child a company, but also for parents and children’s patience and sense of responsibility are very good training. 3 in the back of others, love is not everyone has advantages and disadvantages, not to judge others, not to speak ill of others behind. Parents should teach their children to be tolerant, kind, loving, not narrow-minded and mean. Every child is pure, kind, do not let their minds to the secular dust. The 4 is not optimistic, easy emotional optimistic attitude to life is in the education to convey to the next generation, but the fast pace of modern life stress, many parents have a lot of pressure from work and life, often do not consciously put negative emotions to the family, this should be a relaxed family atmosphere. Even the gas will be scattered on the child, so that the child will not have a sense of security, prone to frustration, future problems are more inclined to complain, rather than actively seek solutions. 5 money wasteful, excessive pursuit of material comforts, parents should tell children, money is hard-earned, is to rely on the labor exchange, to know how to cherish. Rather than blindly chasing!相关的主题文章: