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Vocational-Trade-Schools Are you the person having dream to live in UK? Do you want to get British citizenship? There are so many advantages to be a British citizen. You can get same facilities like a born-citizen of UK. You will be able to work in bank, any public service. The Government must take your security. After be.ing a British citizen you can stay there permanently with all advantages of British citizen. Permanent settlement is UK is much desired to everyone. One who get this can purchase any property there, can be able to give their vote in election, acquired the eligibility for passport of UK, can open your own bank account and many more advantages. It is .pulsory to be above 18 years and have a good character. Getting citizenship must create an emotional bonding with UK. You should have adequate knowledge about UK life to apply for British citizenship. Passing in British citizenship test is mandatory for migrants. Life in the UK citizenship test is .pulsory for all migrants. Home office requires this test. There is several online organizations which offers you practice test for UK citizenship. You have to choose reliable and trusted organization to get sample papers for the test and by solving these you can get idea and experience to eligible yourself for the citizenship of UK. There are books offered by home office to get you some idea. You should have knowledge about the life of citizens, cultures of the country, rights of citizens, rules and laws etc. also hiring a solicitor would be helpful to you. This professional guides you properly for the exam as he is skillful, knowledgeable and specialist for laws of immigration. UK government makes necessary rules for permanent or indefinite residence as a British citizen. The applicant should have wise and .plete knowledge in English language. It is .pulsory also to pass ESOL test with citizenship course. This is a short duration course and various institute offers you practice classes. Teachers are highly experienced and knowledgeable to make you eligible for the exam. Improvement in English grammar, pronunciation, study of phonics, writing, reading, listening, vocabulary, speaking are included in the program. These institutions help you to be efficient in English language. If candidates are below entry level then they have to pass ESOL course of entry level 1, 2 or 3. But if the candidates are or above entry level 3, life in the UK test are taken to apply for citizenship. Some features of this exam are: 1.It included 24 multiple choice question 2.Questions are chosen by .puter in random order. 3.Time duration of .pletion the exam is 45 minutes. 4.Participant has to correct 18 question out of 24 to get at least 75% to pass. 5.You have to bear approximately 50 pounds as examination fees. ESOL test for citizenship is the platform to make you more confident in English language. If you are desire to study or work in UK, Trinity College English Exam helps you to get the opportunity. Also you can get permanent citizenship by this exam. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: