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A series from BBC TV called The Humanbrain which is narrated by Professor Robert Winston is something I saw a while ago. The series describes revolutionary science and astonishing experiments and a ground-breaking exploration inside the human mind. Science has made a connection between visualisation and establishing a neural pathway and when Professor Winston talks about this fact it is an exciting part of the program. Furthermore, the established link between a neural pathway and physical achievement is remarkable. The Experiment described: A very .petent young gymnast, who had been practising for five hours a day for 10 years, and wanted to .pete in the Olympic Games. This meant that she had to learn a very .plicated move. Despite what the coach showed and described to her, when the young gymnast tried the new move, she failed – over and over again. A more drastic tactic was required and this is when visualisation was introduced. We saw the young gymnast standing still and practising the move in her mind – hundreds, if not thousands of times. I’m sure you know the self growth that happened and the end result. When she then physically attempted to do the move she achieved it perfectly and could then concentrate on improving her technique. It was then explained by Robert Winston that it had been shown scientifically that the young gymnast had established a new neural pathway. inside her mind by using visualisation. The physical ac.plishment of the new move could only take place once the new neural pathway had been established. What more is there? It is a good thing to know that self growth, worthwhile and lasting change happens firstly on the inside. A different way of putting this is that if you are not able to visualise something happening inside your mind then there is probably not a high likelihood that it will actually happen. It is worth remembering what is the more profound meaning of visualisation. It doesn’t mean just see or see in your mind’s eye! It is to visualise by using any or all of our senses (see, feel, smell, hear, or taste) and imagine and talk to yourself. Everybody can imagine and talk to themselves but we have varying degrees of success with the other five senses. So if you can: – – visualise yourself doing well in an exam. – visualise running a race and achieving it in a certain time. – see yourself in a particular job you desire. – expand your mind with other examples. If you can do all of this then the likelihood of it actually taking place will increase. The role that positive self talk plays in achieving your goals is huge as is the methods used to imbed new thoughts into your subconscious mind. Quicker achievement and stress release. The young gymnast was standing still, focusing on visualising inside her mind, over and over again. I know that you don’t have to stand – you can sit .fortably. As well and good as it is to suggest visualisation, there are some who are challenged by this. A simple way of doing this is to think of somewhere you have been before that is a tranquil place where you have been able to relax and this will then take you to the Alpha brainwave stew which is the relaxed, focused state. The Reticular Activating System opens when you are in this relaxed focused state which then enables you to work inside your mind to establish new neural pathways which lead to having new habits. I suggest that you say your written goal (in positive, present tense, and personal language,) and then visualise the out.e. In the case of the young gymnast, not only .pleting the new move, but visualising the fact that she was representing her country at the Olympic Games would be most appropriate. How do you think she would be feeling at the end of this visualisation? Absolutely wonderful! Positive emotions flowed right away. The language of the subconscious mind is emotion rather than sounds, pictures or words and it is possible to augment this original emotion by adding other positive, wonderful emotional times or happenings which are added to this emotion. With more emotion the new neural pathway (the new habit) is established faster. Muscle improvement. Professor Winston explained that it has been shown scientifically that just by using visualisation, body-builders in a gym can have up to 50% muscle gain. Almost unbelievable isn’t it? And yet when we stop and think about how science is showing how the human mind works, why not! Most of us would have heard about research trials done some time ago with basketball players visualising shooting goals and achieving more than those who didnt visualise but just physically practised. I have a friend who, from the waist down, is paralysed . After visualising for years now that he is exercising his legs, they are actually looking good. The more .mon out.e for paraplegics who do not visualise is that their legs waste away. Wrap-up. What I have been teaching and espousing for many years, now has gained more scientific authority, which is very exciting for me. There has been a surge in plausibility! I encourage you to study and practise visualisation and relaxation in your daily life and make the system a habit. This way you establish new neural pathways and achieve the possibilities that you dream about. So take inspiration! Science is showing how our mind works. To achieve goals faster, create a new habit or to replace one that you wish to let go, use what I have said above – it works. I encourage you to put it into your daily life! 相关的主题文章: