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Divors Amidst celebrity"s breakups and divorces it is such a sight to behold seeing pictures from paparazzi; celebrity moms toting designer diaper bags with baby on the other hand while having leisure walk in the park. Though I consider such as invading the private lives of celebrities, still in the back of my mind I am still thankful with the positive effect such pictures connotes. The recent gossip Elizabeth is facing; caught cheating with his husband Arun Nayar, an Indian textile heir. It is publicly known that two former love birds had an expensive and lavish wedding, one at Sudeley Castle in England and the other was in Umaid Bhawan Palace in India where they were wed in traditional Hindu ceremony. Pictures from the lavish wedding were sold to Hello! magazine for 2 million pounds. Hurley didn"t make an impression as an actress since most of her acting was criticized. She is more known as the face of Estee Lauder, a cosmetic .pany and her high profile relationship with Hugh Grant that indeed last 2000. Two years later she was blessed with baby boy named Damian Charles Hurley. And designer diaper bags was one of the actress staples during her entire motherhood. Sadly, Steven Bing denied the paternity of Damian even though DNA tests proved that he was indeed the father of the child. The actress alleged affair with Australian cricketer Shane Warne was the reason why her marriage to Nayar crumbled. Numerous paparazzi pictures proved that the two are romantically involved. At the actress Twitter account she defended herself saying that his marriage with Nayar had ended months earlier. Celebrity breakups and divorced is now just a .mon thing in Hollywood. Celebrity single moms like Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry proved that single motherhood is realistic. Both are proven good actresses with their Oscar"s to brag about. 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