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East Sichuan feast dishes and bowls of fragrant soil bowl soil " the bailer Tuotuo meat, respected.." – Sohu and bailer Tuotuo meat which is a dish from the East Sichuan Rural nine bowl feast "steamed meat lump" evolved. The pork skin burn, scraping clean and then put into the boiling pot, boil a water out, hot sauce on the skin rubbed, and then in the oil pan fried until golden brown, put out large chunks of soil bowl. Put the carrot and kelp in meat, then scoop into the fried bean sauce with ginger, salt, soup, etc. homemade sauce, steamed into the cage for 1 hours until the meat is soft when cooked, take out the turn buckle in the bailer, sprinkle chopped green onion into the dish. This dish tastes slightly sour and respected, and the production process is relatively complex. The whole PigHead cut into halves, rule the net acceptation basin, add ginger, spring onion, chili pepper, salt and Wine Festival, pickled 8 hours, take out the pot boil the water, then evenly wipe a little soy sauce in the pig skin of the face, to be into the pan fried until golden color to remove (this process in addition to color, as well as the role of fat), and then put the pot stewed homemade soft cooked brine. A dish, the dish out PigHead (with a knife in the side draw skin knife, to a dish clip, then scoop into the food) with hot pepper Festival, pickled cowpea grain, pickled garlic grain, global grain and wild pepper fried pickled garlic bolt a homemade juice, can be on the table. This dish is Double cooked pork slices with bamboo Kui Ji for container, fry puts together Dazhou famous dish Double cooked pork slices with onion / three. The cooked pig meat knife two drain pan out, cut into pieces, green pepper and onion cut into the other block. Net pot heat vegetable oil, ginger, garlic and stir fried pork slices to spit oil, add bean paste saute, add green pepper and onion block, block, add salt and MSG seasoning, stir fry pot soil bowl, with already cut into pieces together on the table three kui. Dry cowpea preserved this dish is used to burn farm wax and dry cowpea with pig’s trotters stew dishes. Put the burned skin wax pig’s trotters after scraping washed (this can go pig sweat, and can let the pig into the dish after more soft waxy), cut into small pieces. The other dry cowpea with warm water swells, cut into sections and then put into the boiling water pot boil water, remove and set aside. The wax block and dry cowpea Festival pig’s trotters into the wok, add appropriate amount of water, kelp block, ginger and a little chili Festival, stewed meat to soft when cooked (for meat salty, not on the other pot, add salt) into the bowl. "Sichuan cooking" magazine – Chinese food and beverage industry brand magazine! More exciting, professional content, please pay attention to the WeChat public platform: Sichuan cooking magazine micro signal: scprweixin相关的主题文章: