Earthquake relief in southern Taiwan entered the third day, the number of victims rose to 35 people -4000dy

The earthquake in southern Taiwanese rescue three days into the death toll rose to 35 – Sohu News 2 6 April morning, a strong earthquake in the south of the island. Tainan city collapsed wingain building has caused a number of casualties. As rescue teams search for trapped layer. China News Agency reporter Liu Shuling photo Beijing, February 8, February 8th,   earthquake disaster relief work in southern Taiwan has entered the third day. Taiwan media quoted the Tainan municipal government disaster response bulletin data show that the number of earthquake victims rose to 35 people, rescued 311 people, there are about 100 buildings. The dispatched firefighters 500 people, 428 people, the volunteer fire department, ambulance 156 fire engines 68. Rescue workers are still at the scene of the rescue. The 6 day at 3:57 in the morning, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake in southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung, Tainan City, many buildings collapsed, tilt, become part of the earthquake stricken area. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, the most affected is located in Yongkang District of Tainan city wingain Jinlong building, the building all down, many residents, rescue workers continued to search and rescue, on the 7 day at 2:54 in the afternoon of June rescued girls, although there are signs of life, but still not cure hospital rescue. Taiwan meteorological department said that new year’s day, is still dry and cold weather patterns. The Tainan earthquake disaster area of low temperature will drop to 8 degrees Celsius, and urged the public to relief workers keep warm; in addition, the mountain area road will freeze, intends to travel people driver should pay attention to traffic safety. The other 7 from the Taiwan Affairs Office was informed that the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the ARATS respectively on the Mac, SEF continue to maintain contact and communication on the earthquake in southern Taiwan, expressed condolences to the earthquake compatriots, said the mainland is willing to provide all necessary assistance. The State Planning Commission, Seismological Bureau respectively through cross-strait medical and health cooperation agreement, cross-strait cooperation agreement with the earthquake monitoring channels, expressing concern and sympathy towards Taiwan, said China was ready to provide support and help, has been ready to send rescue teams and medical teams. 台湾南部地震救援进入第三天 遇难人数升至35人-搜狐新闻  2月6日晨,台湾南部发生强烈地震。台南市因地震倒塌的维冠大楼已致多人伤亡。图为救援队逐层搜寻受困者。中新社记者 刘舒凌 摄  中新网2月8日电  2月8日,台湾南部地区地震灾区的救援工作已经进入第三天。台湾媒体援引台南市政府灾害应变告示最新数据显示,目前地震遇难人数攀升至35人,救出311人,建筑物内尚有约百人。目前出动消防人员有500人、义消428人、消防车156部、救护车68部。救难人员仍在现场抢救中。  6日凌晨3时57分,里氏6.7级地震在台湾南部高雄发生,台南市多起楼房倒塌、倾斜,成为此次大震重灾区。  据台湾“中央社”报道,这次受灾最严重的是位于台南市永康区的维冠金龙大楼,由于大楼全倒、住户众多,搜救人员持续搜救,在7日下午2时54分救出6月大女婴,虽有生命迹象,但送医抢救仍不治。  台湾气象预报部门表示,大年初一,天气型态仍是干冷。台南地震灾区低温会降到摄氏8度,呼吁民众及救灾人员注意保暖;另外,高山区域的路面会结冰,有意出游民众行驶时应注意交通安全。  另7日从国台办获悉,国台办和海协会当天分别同台陆委会、海基会继续就台湾南部地区地震保持联系和沟通,对震区同胞表达慰问,表示大陆方面愿提供一切必要援助。  国家卫计委、地震局分别通过两岸医药卫生合作协议、两岸地震监测合作协议联系渠道,向台湾方面表达关切和慰问,表示大陆方面愿意随时提供支持和帮助,已做好派遣救援队和医疗队的准备。相关的主题文章: