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Dollars is not enough how to do? Their printing! Zimbabwe will print the dollar, the Central Bank of Zimbabwe said on Thursday that it will start issuing bonds equivalent to the dollar before the end of October, and plans to issue $75 million worth of bonds by the end of this year. According to CNN reports, the issue of the equivalent of 2, $10, $20, "bonds"". Zimbabwe had already and the dollar equivalent of debt". John, the governor of Zimbabwe’s central bank, said: "the bonds issued will be equivalent to the US dollar, and will be treated in the same way as the previous issue of" debt "in the Mangudya." The central bank governor said the move was "to ease the serious shortage of funds and to prevent capital flight." Zimbabwe’s own currency, Zimbabwe, died of hyperinflation in 2009, no longer as a legal tender in Zimbabwe. According to official reports, Zimbabwe in early 2009 inflation rate of 230000000%. At present, Zimbabwe has 9 kinds of currencies: the dollar, Australian dollar, South African rand, Botswana, Pula, euro, pound and yen, RMB and India rupee. In today’s Zimbabwe, the dollar remains the currency of choice. As early as 1980, when the independence of Tianjin, Tianjin worth more than the dollar, the exchange rate of 1:1.47. After President Mugabe’s land reform in 2000, the economy collapsed. Since then, the Zimbabwe government began printing black. In June last year, Zimbabwe’s central bank announced the action to change money. 1 billion 750 million billion yuan can be exchanged for $5, each Jin Yuan account at least $5. In the Jin Yuan completely destroyed. Wall Street informative previously reported: in Zimbabwe, China released about $40 million this year after the expiration of the debt, Zimbabwe recently announced that the RMB will be set as a legal tender. From the beginning of 2016, the yuan will be the same as the U.S. dollar in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe in the 2009 outbreak of hyperinflation, and abandoned its currency and the extensive use of foreign currencies, including the dollar and the South African rand, but the RMB in the country has not yet been approved for public trading market. Zimbabwe people have begun to protest the move, which will allow them to return to the country’s currency circulation nightmare. The central bank said the current economic situation does not allow Zimbabwe to re use its own currency. The central bank governor also said that people who do not want to use the new bond will not insist.相关的主题文章: