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IPhone7 cool1 dual but not Tucao, thousand yuan dual camera mobile phone technology – Sohu iPhone7 7Plus knife horse as everyone knows, Apple has come, the market generally lack Tucao its innovative applications, and even some hardware settings and "copy" China behavior of mobile phone manufacturers. To know that there are other manufacturers of "imitation" of Apple’s new products, and market confusion, but now it seems Apple has been difficult to lead the technical innovation flagship, more and more mobile phone manufacturers in the continuous development of technological innovation, and try to use more breakthrough. Of course, there is no doubt that Apple’s inherent quality advantages of iPhone products is still outstanding, but the evolution of innovative means and technology is not so sharp before. In fact, it is difficult to solve the problem after the Jobs era. In addition to hardware innovations, new apple iPhone still retains high price, this also means to exploit a high profits of the whole industry chain. To know the top iPhone7 7 Plus sale in Hong Kong has broken million, plus a wireless headset on the new Apple also need 1000 yuan, so users need to set high down, took out more than 10 thousand yuan can enjoy the latest products. But in technical breakthrough, but few people new characteristics of bright spots, perhaps is the dual camera, but mobile phone manufacturers have launched a mobile phone camera two thousand yuan, directly to the application of ordinary users closer to market demand. Currently on the market a thousand yuan dual camera mobile phone will naturally push LETV cool new cool1 dual, then this is the music as the first in cool ecological anti products, cool1 lead dual mobile phone ecosystem on the hardware configuration of the mobile phone has become a thousand machines most current price high, while the music as ecological content the built-in cool1 dual also allows mobile phone officially opened to help cool the ecological in the ecological era. When iPhone7 launched a dual camera, the market also began to focus on dual camera configuration will become a new trend, in fact some of the current dual camera mobile phone market has begun to quietly sneak into the market, waiting for customers. Cool1 dual is a very high price of a product, it inherits the cool strength in R & D in hardware, software, plug in the wings as the focus of ecology, is the introduction of the one and the only one thousand machines "black and white color +" double perturbation scheme seems to create a national level double camera mobile phone. Powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 652 processor, 5.5 inches screen, 1920×1080 resolution, the surface coverage of Corelle gorilla glass 3. Pre 8 million pixels, rear dual camera with 13 million pixels, using color + black and white with a pair of lens. Support dual sim dual standby and 4G full netcom. Obviously, the back dual camera is the biggest bright spot, but also with the color temperature of the flash. Like to take pictures of friends is blessed, in the choice of space and shooting techniques undoubtedly increased the number of elements. Because this is the music into the cool after)相关的主题文章: