Do not put the little Ma into the circus monkey – Sohu comments kasey chase

Do not put the little Ma into a circus monkey – Sohu commentary Fan Xiaoqin itself does not have the ability to express, there is no talent and highlights, in addition to the appearance of the characteristics and bizarre behavior, there is no selling point. What is the difference between selling a child and selling monkeys? According to media reports, due to Ma hit the face, Jiangxi, Yongfeng County, 9 year old child Fan Xiaoqin quickly burst red on the network. After the small Ma fan fan became popular, it was rumored to be commercial pursuit, has been signed, was denied by Fan Xiaoqin’s father. Recently, a man and Fan Xiaoqin live again questioned speculation, the discussion is increasingly enthusiastic. In the era of the Internet, poor individuals can be excavated and amplified by the network to receive social resources to support. However, the commercial forces involved in violence, trying to make use of Fan Xiaoqin to do marketing, do live, will become the object of the rapid consumption of poor individuals object, which brings considerable risk to the growth of children. According to reports, "Ma" is a typical rural households, his father and mother for amputation bitten by polio affected IQ, grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The whole family is only 59 years old father has limited working ability, but to feed and care for the whole family. Prior to the involvement of the community, the government has become an important source of livelihood for the family. In Fan Xiaoqin’s life, poverty is not the most terrible. In addition to a small amount of output outside the family, the government’s relief can make the basic problem of food and clothing. But the children’s companionship and education has become the biggest gap. In front of the camera, Fan Li does not speak, dull expression, and even some people think he has intelligence problems. His 11 year old brother, even his name can not write. According to current research, childhood malnutrition can affect intelligence development, but the most important family education can determine the growth of children. Other people in the village do not love to play with Fan Xiaoqin, which is also isolated in society. In this case, even if he is a Jinshan, how can. Today, after the popularity of Fan Xiaoqin, a number of people who love donations have begun to pour, which is conducive to solving their family’s economic problems. But taking into account the family situation, even if there is sufficient economic security, does not mean that he can have a better environment for growth. More alarming is happening, some companies rushed to the local, put a donation posture, then finished the photo on the left. This cursory charity, the real purpose of the donation, but how to use pictures as an occasion to marketing. If it is only the abuse of children’s portrait right, it is hot live broadcast also began to intervene. A man with Fan Xiaoqin to participate in the live, and pull users donations. According to fan Wang said that the user will be donated to the home of the fan. The problem of poverty, if not to spread the support, as before the explosion of red van home, only silence in subsistence struggling to survive, emerge of itself and perish of itself. It is necessary to spread the poverty into the family and let the family know more. The necessary precondition is to spread is one family in order to solve this dilemma, rather than to meet more people see)相关的主题文章: