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Health If you or a loved one has suffered from gout you will know that finding out how to cure gout with natural gout cures is a question that comes very quickly to mind. There is often embarrassment about gout as it is generally a condition that is self-inflicted through the food eaten. So, finding a natural way to deal with the gout, without having to go to the doctor or rely on prescription medication, some of which could have harmful side-effects, is something that is often searched for. Natural cures for gout come in a number of shapes, but the most common one is based around changing the diet of the person suffering with the symptoms. Changing a gout sufferer’s diet can quickly reduce the levels of purine in the body, and so reduce the volume of uric acid crystals being produced by the body. Uric acid is produced through the breakdown of purine, and if there is too much uric acid in the system the crystals of uric acid form in the spaces in the joints Often the foot, and most commonly the big toe. Excessive uric acid can also encourage the development of kidney stones, which can then lead to a less efficient kidney functions and in turn and other complications. So a reduction in the intake of purine, reduces the production of uric acid, which in turn allows the kidney’s to regain the upper hand and restore balance to the body. It manages this by removing excess uric acid as waste in urine. Over time, the reduced production of uric acid, along with the elimination through urine, will allow the body to reduce, and eventually remove the painful gout symptoms naturally. So, how does someone suffering from gout reduce the levels of purine they eat? Well, the key here is to understand that different foods have different levels of purine in them. Foods such as shellfish and fish, kidney’s, liver, gravies and dried beans have very high levels of purine, and should be avoided as much as possible. Whereas, most vegetables, fruit and fruit drinks, white bread, mike, cheese etc have moderate to low levels of purine, and should form the staples of the diet if you are serious about relieving gout symptoms as quickly as possible. More information on the gout friendly and unfriendly food can be found on our web site and blog. So, one simple solution to finding relief to gout symptoms through natural is not complex, it does not mean mixing potions or visits to the drug store, or swallowing a bottle of supplements. So, you now know how to cure gout with natural gout cures, and your next step should be refining that knowledge and creating a low purine diet. 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